Amount 4 Gymnastics Beam System Criteria

Amount 4 Gymnastics Beam System Criteria

Amount 4 Gymnastics Beam System Demands

The gymnastics stability ray is regarded as two gymnastics activities which can be timed. The full time restriction for an even 4 beam gymnastics program is 50 moments. If a gymnast surpasses her time, she’s going to get a 0.10 deduction from her stability ray rating. With regards to the level associated with ray in addition to gymnast, a mat or springboard may be required to attach the gymnastics ray. This might be allowed so long as the extra installation area is taken away when the gymnast supports. If it’s not eliminated, the gymnast will get a deduction from her ray score.


* Leg Swing Mount – Must turn 180 degrees in a continuing movement closing in a-straddle chair with proper human body position

*V-Sit to Tuck Stand-must preserve a straight, hollow human body place until both legs tend to be over the ray. When the feet tend to be over the ray, pull all of them up to secure in a bent assistance.

*Heal Breeze Turn-When stepping to the coupe, you really need to remain on your tiptoes before the base comes beside the foot. When the base reaches the foot, get level and then show up in releve to perform a fast recovery change. When the change is full, immediately step straight down onto a very flat foot and pause.

*The jump-leg split when jumping needs to be at the least 60 levels. Must keep right feet and pointed feet through the entire leap and land in a minimal, paused spiral place

*Handstand-Handstand must certanly be three-quarters minimal. Make sure to influence inside and outside associated with handstand while extending your body and shutting the feet at the very top. The arms must certanly be hand and hand through the headstand; they are unable to be staged.

*U-turn – Must do a 180 level switch on the feet; program control before you go off to complete.

* Right leap (stretch jump) – Push through the feet for a top raise while keeping a straight human body and taking your own feet collectively through the jump.

*Tuck Jump-Tuck needs to be at the least 90 levels. The tuck needs to be tight and quick and must open up before dropping straight back on the beam

*Arabesque – a corner knee needs to be raised straight back no less than 45 levels and needs to be held for at the least 1 second.

*Balance – Back knee must raise no less than 90 levels and start to become held for at the least 2 moments. The gymnast need to keep both feet secured plus the upper body up while carrying out both the ladder together with arabesque.

* Pivot Turn-Stay in complete relief while carrying out a taut, tight 180 level change.

* Dismount – Must keep a straight, tight human body while performing a cartwheel towards the part handstand. As soon as at the very top, the feet touch and hold each various other for at the least 1 2nd. After becoming held, make one fourth change of disassembly. The human body should continue to be directly from start in order to complete.

The gymnastic ray is about stability. Ensure that your program does not shortage contacts and/or rhythm. Each gymnastic ability should resulted in next with sophistication and hostility.

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