Are astral projection and lucid dreaming protected for everybody?

Are astral projection and lucid dreaming protected for everybody?

Are astral projection and lucid dreaming protected for everybody?

Sure, that is completely protected – you’ll be able to’t consciously damage your self within the astral airplane any greater than you’ll be able to whereas dreaming “usually”. Astral projection and lucid dreaming are pure experiences reported in all cultures and societies all over the world. (Nonetheless, anybody with acute psychological points ought to most likely keep away from it till these points are resolved. Regular dream remedy might be way more helpful in such instances.)

Lucid dreaming is clearly no extra harmful than “regular” dreaming, and projecting is not any extra harmful than sleeping – most likely the most secure exercise there’s. We might subsequently say that Astral Expertise is the most secure sport! It is undoubtedly enjoyable, and you’ll at all times return to your bodily physique everytime you need. Once more, every time we sleep our consciousness is outdoors of our bodily physique anyway, we’re normally unaware of it. Simply as we return to our physique after sleep, we do the identical after projection.

The shocking factor is that it may be exhausting to remain out of the physique. Getting again into your physique is fairly instantaneous and automated, however staying out longer might take some observe. However relaxation assured, you’ll at all times come again “dwelling” after your travels away from the bodily. To repeat, there isn’t any want to fret in any respect as a result of astral expertise is as protected as sleep.

Some individuals will attempt to let you know that there are causes to be afraid of astral journey, for instance, that there are “demons” or “unfavourable entities” to be cautious of. I take it these individuals by no means had a nightmare? What’s the distinction? Neither your dream physique nor your astral physique might be “wounded” as a result of they’re composed of power. With that in thoughts, do not you discover the thought of ​​being up towards a giant, scary monster that may’t damage you in any means slightly humorous? I actually do.

And if you concentrate on it, what’s so disturbing a couple of nightmare? The content material, or the emotion of concern? And we generate each! Take into account these phrases from clairvoyant Jane Roberts, who in all her years has by no means been bothered by such “unfavourable” experiences. You do not have to be a genius to determine why:

“As a result of we have been so harmless of psychic literature, we weren’t bothered by superstitious fears about such phenomena. I did not imagine in gods or demons, so I did not concern them. I wished to study.”

– Jane Roberts, Seth, Goals and Projections in Consciousness p.84

And likewise, you can’t be possessed by different entities throughout projection, any greater than you’ll be able to throughout regular sleep. The method is strictly the identical, it is simply that you simply do it consciously. Your astral physique is at all times linked to your bodily physique by a Silver Twine which stretches to infinity, it sends messages from one physique to a different. This ensures that you simply – and nobody else – can at all times come again. Your physique stays yours, and a part of your consciousness at all times stays with it anyway, so there is not any want to fret about it in any respect.

Whereas we’re at it, we will notice that non secular mediumship requires an invite, a gap and an settlement on the a part of the mediums. Channels can quickly make their our bodies accessible for the transmission of data, however this course of is kind of completely different from projection, as it’s performed with this particular intention in thoughts. Some channels can challenge whereas channeling (e.g., Edgar Cayce), others can stay “cohabitants” or challenge (e.g., Jane Roberts), and nonetheless others obtain the knowledge instantly into their acutely aware thoughts (e.g., , Ken Carey). Thus, channeling and projection are unbiased. phenomena, even whether it is attainable that they happen concurrently. Something greater than that’s past the scope of this e-book.

Neither will astral experiences result in madness or madness. A spontaneous expertise will not be an indication of psychological issues (a lot to many individuals’s aid). For these , there’s a e-book referred to as “With the Eyes of the Thoughts” by Gabbard and Twemlow which comprises an in-depth examine of the psychology of OBEs. . In comparison with different psychological phenomena, an OBE shouldn’t be grouped with psychological issues akin to dissociation, schizophrenia, autoscopy, and different “physique boundary” issues. Those that report their experiences are totally able to dwelling a “regular” life, which is how most individuals outline “sane”, I suppose!

Alternatively, you could find yourself discovering, like many earlier than you, that on the entire, astral projectors and lucid dreamers are sometimes each extra sane and extra spiritually engaged than they have been earlier than we began. Self-reflection is known as a pretty pure a part of studying, so there are many alternatives to develop and develop with these experiences.

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