Aren’t all of the twelve tribes of Israel Jewish?

Aren’t all of the twelve tribes of Israel Jewish?

Aren’t all of the twelve tribes of Israel Jewish?

The Jews of as we speak are made up of the 12 tribes.

Some, in flagrant contradiction to the Holy Bible, declare that the twelve tribes of Israel are Jewish. These terribly ignorant or deceitful individuals deny the biblical distinctions between the 12 tribes and declare that there’s just one tribe: Judah.

Jacob-Israel had 12 sons. Every son grew to become a patriarch of the tribe that bears his identify. For instance, there’s Judah, whose descendants are Jews. There may be additionally Joseph, whose descendants are Joes. Joseph isn’t Jewish!

The 12 tribes of Israel grew to become the nation of Israel which then cut up into two: Joseph was the ruler of the Northern Kingdom with its 10 tribes, the capital Samaria, and Judah was the ruler of the Southern Kingdom, the capital Jerusalem.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel was defeated and deported by the Assyrians 130 years earlier than the Southern Kingdom of Judah was defeated and deported by the Babylonians! Of them separate kingdoms with separate tribes. The Northern Kingdom of Israel grew to become generally known as the “Ten Misplaced Tribes”. Jews continued to be generally known as Jews (together with exceptions amongst them to the final rule of comparatively few Israelites who sojourned with them).

The primary time within the Bible that the phrases “Jews” are used was when the Northern Kingdom of Israel allied itself with Syria versus the Jews! That is essential to notice since some deny these nice distinctions! The Joes are usually not and by no means have been Jews! They’re Joes!

2 Kings 16:5-6

5So Rezin, king of Syria and Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel got here to Jerusalem to make battle: and so they besieged Ahaz [king of Judah]however couldn’t defeat him.

6At that point Rezin king of Syria introduced Elath again to Syria, and drive the Jews out of Elath: and the Syrians got here to Elath, and dwelt there unto this present day.

Additional proof that there are TWELVE TRIBES and never simply the Jews/Jude could be discovered within the separate blessings of all 12 Tribes by Jacob (Genesis 48-49) and later by Moses (Deuteronomy 32). They’re addressed to every of the 12 tribes of Israel and never simply to Judah! The Misplaced Ten Tribes” are usually not Jewish.

The Excessive Priest had 12 gems representing the 12 tribes of Israel – not only one stone in his breastplate, and shouldered two stones with six tribal names on one stone and 6 tribal names on the opposite (Exodus 28).

The Promised Land of Israel was Cut up among the many 12 tribes of Israel, as any biblical map will clearly reveal – not only a large inheritance for Judah!

Ezekiel 47-48 once more reveals a future division of the Land of Israel among the many 12 tribes. The New Jerusalem mentions 12 tribes – not simply Judah (Revelation 21:12)

Those that dare to disclaim these God-given distinctions talked about within the Bible from Genesis to Revelation declare that the 12 tribes of Israel have been merged into the one tribe of Judah, denying the separate Bible prophecies for every of the separate tribes.

Some Jews have a haughty perspective towards different tribes, even some Jews, and reject the “prodigal son” and would disinherit them opposite to the Phrase and Will of God:

Ezekiel 11:15

15 “Son of man, your brothers, your mother and father, your countrymen, and all the home of Israel as an entire, are these of whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem mentioned, Depart from the LORD, this land is given to us as a possession.

They need Gentile Israelites to stay misplaced and distant, feeling smug and unique, relatively than recognizing that they’re however a small a part of the Chosen Individuals, the Servant Nation, and will search reconciliation, our reunion of household, and now not of alienation.

Those that declare that the 12 tribes are actually with Judah converse towards the legislation and the prophets who reveal in any other case, because the legislation declares the individuals (Am Israel, Nation or Individuals of Israel – the 12 Tribes) shall be restored underneath King Messiah, and the Prophets converse of two branches representing the 2 predominant tribes of Joseph and Judah reconciled and reunited.

Conclusive proof that Joseph and Judah are nonetheless distinct and distinctive identities and tribes:

Ezekiel 37:15-22

15The phrase of the LORD got here to me once more, saying:

16Besides, son of man, take your self a stick, and write on it, For Judah, and for the youngsters of Israel his companions: then take one other stick, and write on it, For Joseph the employees of Ephraim and for all the home of Israel his companions:

17And be a part of them collectively into one stick; and they’re going to grow to be one in your hand [they’re two sticks, separate but brought together and joined by God].

18And when the youngsters of your individuals converse to you, saying, Will you not present us what you imply by these items?

19Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I’ll take the employees of josephwhich is within the palms of Ephraim and the tribes of Israel his companions, and can put them with him, even with the employees of Judah, make them one stick, and they are going to be one in my hand.

20 And the sticks on which you write shall be in your hand earlier than their eyes.

21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I’ll take the youngsters of Israel from among the many nations, whither they’ve gone, and can collect them from each facet, and produce them again to their land.

22And I’ll make them one nation within the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king over all of them, and so they shall now not be two nations, nor shall they be divided into two kingdoms in any respect. [which division still remains to this day until the restoration of all things].

Some Jews deny that the Joes are Israelites, and a few Joes deny that Judah is professional, accusing them of being Khazar converts and unworthy of the Jewish homeland. I refute each hateful teachings with the plain reality of the Bible.

In Judaism there’s a idea, “Ma’ase Avot, Siman L’Banim,” the actions of the fathers are guides for the youngsters. The actions of the ancestors are mirrored within the lives of their descendants.

Joseph and Judah fought earlier than and do not at all times agree as we speak. Joseph’s brothers have been blind to his identification and Joseph was a ruler of the world who fed the nations. Some nonetheless don’t acknowledge Joseph because the Anglo-Saxons or understand that Joseph represented Yeshua the Pierced, however on the proper time of God all shall be revealed and not using a shadow of a doubt.

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