Beware..these foodstuffs flip into toxins after freezing

Beware..these foodstuffs flip into toxins after freezing

Each housewife has frozen meals merchandise that she retains for each emergency, however not all meals merchandise could be frozen. As a result of a few of them flip into toxins after being frozen.

And meals merchandise that aren’t really useful to be frozen, as a result of they lose their validity and their look and style change, though they don’t lose their advantages, akin to cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, leafy greens, lettuce, milk and yogurt. As a result of these supplies comprise a excessive proportion of water, when they’re dissolved, they flip into gruel, and their style modifications.

Controversy remains to be occurring about freezing fruits, fruit and veggies. After all, these merchandise retain nutritional vitamins, minerals and important vitamins, however in low proportions. Due to this fact, with the intention to protect the very best potential proportion of nutritional vitamins, for instance, you have to be subjected to sudden freezing (shock freezing) in particular tools.

Substances that flip into toxins after freezing are:

1 – Eggs – Professional Sergey Lapatin factors out that egg whites develop when frozen and trigger cracks within the shell, by means of which microbes and micro organism can enter. Due to this fact, if the eggs have to be frozen, the yolks and whites have to be combined and positioned in a particular container fully closed. They can be frozen individually.

2- Comfortable cheese (non-hard cheese). When the sort of cheese is frozen, its properties, style and high quality change and beneath the affect of low temperatures it cracks and turns into a breeding floor for micro organism.

3 – It’s by no means really useful to re-freeze the supplies a second time: meat of all types, fish of all types, as a result of on this case pathological micro organism multiply, and the protein within the meat loses its usefulness within the occasion of re-freezing.

And it’s advisable to maintain frozen merchandise for various intervals: fruits – 9-12 months; cooked dishes – 1-3 months; vegetables- 3-12 months; Pastries – 1-3 months.

Produce have to be washed and dried earlier than freezing, and positioned in baggage and containers; And so they have to be ripe, put with a pungent odor in two baggage or particular containers.

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