Brazil’s iPhone product sales ban is truly a push for USB-C

Brazil’s iPhone product sales ban is truly a push for USB-C

Brazil’s iPhone product sales ban is truly a push for USB-C

The Brazilian federal government has taken enough of Apple’s shenanigans.

A Tuesday press release by the country’s Ministry of Justice and Public safety launched it would suspend the product sales of iPhones that don’t come bundled with a charger of any sort, one thing Apple made standard rehearse in 2020 mentioning ecological problems. Brazil can also be fining Apple the same as $2.3 million USD in making folks either purchase brand new Lightning cables or keep them around, following the remaining portion of the technology globe changed to USB-C as the universal charging standard.

Reuters stated that Apple promises to allure your decision. Apple claims that delivery iPhones without recharging bricks is way better for the environmental surroundings, but Brazil insists it’s detrimental to customers irrespective. One of the ways for Apple to obtain for this, per Brazil’s pr release, should be to follow USB-C as a charging standard for iPhones.

Brazil is not the initial area to try and force Apple to look at similar billing standard as everybody else. Europe’s parliament recently agreed upon a proposal that could mandate USB-C harbors on all little and mid-sized electronics, which will clearly integrate iPhones. Apple features so far averted the switch, but which will not last a lot longer.


Some tips about what Apple might flaunt in the iPhone 14 occasion in September

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated early in the day this current year he wants Apple to adopt USB-C for iPhones in 2023, about what would theoretically be known as the iPhone 15. Only times later on, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated that Apple was in fact internally testing USB-C iPhones, which means this may seem like a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situation.

With Apple set to announce the (most likely Lightning-enabled) iPhone 14 in only several hours, let’s all hope this is basically the this past year we collectively need certainly to hold a Lightning cable around.

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