Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas in Jamaica

If round Christmas you see youngsters of all ages (and even some adults) working away screaming and frightened of a sight within the streets, a very good guess can be that they’re working away from the spooky Jonkonnu. Jonkonnu characters typically resemble the satan, with pitchfork and the like, and these masked creatures have been standard in Jamaican tradition because the Nineteen Sixties.

Jonkonnu (additionally spelled John Canoe, John Konno, Johnny Canoe, Jonkunnu and John Canou) is an instance of blending the rhythm of Africa with European cultural themes, typically enjoying British items. Excerpts from Shakespearean monologues had been typically included in a Jonkonnu exhibit, and the costumes additionally replicate European influences, incorporating the apparel of kings and queens among the many characters.

The standard set of Jonkonnu characters contains the horned cow-head, policeman, horse-head, wild Indian, satan, belly-woman, pitchy-patchy, and typically a bride and a householder , which bears the picture of a giant home on its head. All are vivid, elaborate and colourful. Mirrors and garlands normally add shine to costumes. Pitchy-Patchy particularly is a hanging sight, as her costume is made up of brightly coloured strips of material.

Every character has a selected position and typically a particular dance to carry out. For instance, the Stomach-Girl character typically has a person dressed as a pregnant girl. This character all the time makes you snigger by exaggerating the stomach to the rhythm of the music. Characters typically work together with one another, and the music of the drums and fife has many onlookers dancing with the band.

Regardless of the enjoyable Jonkonnus present, many individuals stay scared however captivated by their efficiency.

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