Concept of the magpie sign in Chinese culture

Concept of the magpie sign in Chinese culture

Concept of the magpie sign in Chinese tradition

In Chinese culture, the magpie is a symbolization of delight. The track of a magpie declares all the best and delight. This is exactly why the Chinese call it “Pleased Magpie”. The Manchurian minority in north China even examine these birds sacred pets. The magpie in Chinese is known as ‘xi que’ therefore the personality ‘xi’ indicates delight. Two magpies dealing with one another are accustomed to symbolize dual delight.

Legends regarding magpies will also be present in historic files in regards to the Manchus. One-day, if the sky goddess called Fokulon had been using her two siblings because of the pond, a lovely magpie travelled above these with a red fresh fruit in her own lips. The bird dropped the fresh fruit and Fokulon selected it and consumed it. A couple of months later on, she provided beginning to a boy (Bukulirongshun) and then he had been the ancestor associated with Manchurian minority.

Bukulirongshun’s descendants and himself had been all courageous and competent fighters. They certainly were seen by neighboring tribes as a possible menace. They made a decision to develop an alliance and get rid of the increasing tribe. A lucky boy called Fancha escaped the massacre and held operating until dusk. This young boy had been almost caught whenever a magpie lit through to their mind. Happily, the hunters mistook it for a tree trunk area whenever Fancha endured motionless at nighttime industry together with hunters went an additional path. The son had been conserved because of the magpie and then he had been the actual only real survivor associated with tribe when you look at the genocide.

The young boy had been therefore grateful towards the bird that introduced him chance and delight. And this is why, the Manchurian men and women begun to think about the bird a symbol of great chance and delight. A Manchu became emperor of Asia in 1644 and founded the Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911).

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