Conversations with Norse God Odin on a Snowy Pennsylvania Highway Half 1 “The Accident”

Conversations with Norse God Odin on a Snowy Pennsylvania Highway Half 1 “The Accident”

Conversations with Norse God Odin on a Snowy Pennsylvania Highway Half 1 “The Accident”

Conversations with the Norse God Odin PART 1: The Accident

The snow began off as a lightweight flurry, barely reaching the bottom or sticking to the windshield. It was midnight and I used to be nonetheless 5 miles from Freeway 6 which might take me residence.

I did not just like the slender again roads that criss-crossed the Pocono Mountains. They had been all the time darker than the principle roads because the rows of bushes on each side of the highway got here your means. And this highway twisted and twisted and dipped and rose like a twisting serpent.

Out of the blue the depth of the snow elevated and my windshield wipers had been struggling to maintain the glass clear.

I might really feel the strain beginning in my shoulders after which happening to my abdomen as I twisted and turned on this slender highway within the snow. I’ve usually puzzled why I discover snow driving so demanding. After I contemplated that thought, I found that it was not concern of going off the highway, or being harm and even killed. It was above all inconvenience, financial and political. Economical as a result of if I broke my 86 Blazer, I did not manage to pay for to get it repaired or changed. And the coverage of coping with the police and insurance coverage corporations. Bahh!

Out of the blue a deer jumped in entrance of me and rushed down the highway. Instinctively, I slammed on the brakes, and although I used to be solely doing 20 mph, I giggled off the highway and into the drainage ditch. Fortunately I did not hit a tree and I wasn’t harm. I rapidly received out of the automobile to evaluate my scenario. The rear wheels had been deep within the ditch, which was now filling with snow.

I received again within the automobile and tried to get out of the ditch and again on the highway. However it was too steep and I could not get any traction. There was no wiggle room within the entrance, again or sides. No means out with out assist. So I used to be caught for some time.

After a couple of minutes, I opened the door and walked out. It was snowing furiously, however it was not chilly. I used to be dressed heat so I simply leaned towards the automobile and waited.

At first, I did not imagine what my eyes had been telling me. About 20 meters away, strolling in direction of me in the midst of the slender darkish highway, there was… somebody.

I closed my eyes, shook my head and seemed once more. Sure, it was a person. He was wearing a protracted darkish blue coat with a big hood that coated his total face. In his proper hand he carried a giant, thick cane.

“That is not doable,” I stated to myself. “I have to be dreaming. Am I imagining…”

“Hailsa,” her voice boomed and echoed forwards and backwards on the highway from treeline to treeline. He approached me and I might see into his hood. He was absolutely bearded and lengthy locks of silver hair cascaded right down to his shoulders.

And… sure… He had a black spot on one eye.

“Hailsa Kinsman,” he repeated and his single ice blue eye twinkled.

“Hailsa All-Father,” I blurted out.

“Ah, you already know who I’m,” he smiled. “Effectively it’s best to. You’ve got been working runes… how lengthy now? He requested.

“Twenty, all-father,” I replied.

“Sure,” he smiled. “And you’ve got been busy restoring the books of your ancestors.”

I nodded.

“Hugin and Munin introduced me many favorable tales about you,” he stated.

I used to be speechless.

“So,” he continued, “I felt so long as I used to be on this a part of Midgard…what’s it referred to as?”


“Ah sure, Pennsylvania,” he smiled. “We’ve got fantastic climate.” He raised his arms within the air. Then he received critical and stated, “Now, my son, I am in a rush. There’s a lot to do lately. However I am going to keep and discuss to you for some time. can I let you know that this can make it easier to in your quest and within the future of your life?

“What,” I stammered. “I do not perceive.”

“What are you in search of in all these books you learn? »

I believed for a second earlier than answering. “I wish to know the reality about issues…”

“Ah, the reality,” he stated. ” Which reality ? There are usually not lots.

“The reality about what is occurring in my world. The place am I from? The place am I going? What is nice? What’s unhealthy?” I hesitated for a second and continued: “And who’re you? The place are you from?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha,” he bellowed. “You ask lots. Keep in mind, I haven’t got a lot time. Heimdal and Loki are ready for me down the highway so I am unable to grasp round for lengthy.”


“Persistence,” he stated. “I can’t let you know every thing I do know. It will wreck your thoughts to know as a lot as a God is aware of. Your coronary heart would burst with sorrow for the reality and your breath would go away your physique.”

He paused and began once more: “I am going to let you know what you might want to know. And I’ll know what you might want to know by the standard and depth of your questions. Consider carefully earlier than asking. And bear in mind this…you may solely know as a lot reality as you’re able to understanding. The magic of understanding the reality is within the value that has been paid.

“The Yaggsdrasil Tree and Mimer’s Effectively?” I requested referring to how Odin the All-Father held on the tree of life, struggling for 9 days so he might know the reality concerning the runes. And the way he sacrificed certainly one of his eyes to the Effectively of Mimir in an effort to achieve extra knowledge.

I shook my head in confusion. What had I performed to earn the reality? What nice sacrifice had I made?

“Oh sure,” Odin interrupted as he learn my thoughts. “Chances are you’ll not have made an ideal sacrifice like a warrior who dies in battle for one thing he believes in. However, take a look at the various small battles you’ve got gained every day. The battle to maintain your personal religion and your perception system alive amidst the chaos of multiplicity and duplicity throughout you.

“Keep in mind the various battles you gained for the mother and father locked up within the many prisons? A lot of them being there as a result of they’d not bend their knees to the God who seeks to make slaves of them. So now they’re imprisoned in order that they will atone for his or her sins towards this God.

He paused, “Do you neglect the time, cash and energy you spent researching, copying and promoting books that spoke of your ancestors? really feel this time the osternization of a hostile society, even murderous to anybody who dares to assume in any other case than them?

“No, Ragnar Storyteller,” Odin thundered, “the quantity and high quality of your small particular person actions have certainly changed into an ideal sacrifice. An ideal victory. Your perseverance, dedication, and solitary search have earned you a reward. Hugin and Munin introduced your struggles to my consideration and I watched you.”

He stopped, leaned nearer, and the penetrating energy of his single ice-blue eye reached into my soul. “Select your questions!”

Simply then, the blinding headlights of a automobile rounded the bend. However as a substitute of stopping, he continued to roar.

“Anticipate…!” I cried out in disappointment. They did not see my headlights or that I used to be in a ditch. Someway he had hid us and the oncoming automobile by no means noticed us.

Odin smiled. “What’s your want?” he stated. “To be rescued and introduced residence the place it is brilliant and heat? Or would you want to remain right here with me, within the snow, wind and chilly and search your future?”

“Rescue, consolation and ease or thriller, chilly and hazard? Select one other automobile to method and I can go away and allow them to discover you.

PART 2: The questions

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