Disclosure of a well-liked kind of meals that lowers ldl cholesterol and diabetes and helps to drop extra pounds

Disclosure of a well-liked kind of meals that lowers ldl cholesterol and diabetes and helps to drop extra pounds

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Bulgur is taken into account to have excessive advantages and dietary values, and it’s included within the record of advanced carbohydrates, and it’s utilized in many nations of the Mediterranean basin as an alternative to rice.

On the advantages of bulgur:

1- Advantages of bulgur for the digestive system: bulgur comprises a excessive quantity of dietary fiber, which may be very helpful in: selling the well being of the digestive system, facilitating the digestion course of, and serving to to stop constipation and hemorrhoids.

2- The advantages of bulgur in reducing weight: due to the content material of bulgur, which is wealthy in dietary fiber and as a supply of protein, it: drastically helps within the technique of filling the abdomen in a short while, and in addition helps in rising the sense of satiety, and helps in decreasing the quantity of meals eaten later, and thus decreasing the quantity of energy Getting into into the physique, bulgur contributes to weight reduction whether it is included in diets as a wholesome various to different starches, corresponding to: rice, white bread, and pasta.

3- Advantages of bulgur for diabetics: Consuming bulgur as an alternative for easy starches, corresponding to: rice, pasta, and white bread helps: regulate blood sugar ranges in diabetics attributable to its excessive content material of dietary fiber, management insulin ranges within the physique.

4- The advantages of bulgur in decreasing ldl cholesterol: Research and analysis have discovered that consuming advanced starches and complete grains specifically, that are a excessive supply of dietary fiber, contributes to decreasing the extent of dangerous ldl cholesterol within the physique, by way of its affiliation with it and rid the physique of it, which contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis. clots and strokes.

5- Advantages of bulgur for the circulatory system: The content material of bulgur in minerals which might be useful for the well being of the center and arteries is what makes it a wholesome meals and appropriate for the circulatory system, as a result of bulgur: Manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium which might be present in bulgur contribute to regulating {the electrical} coronary heart and its beats, and regulating arterial blood stress.

Bulgur is efficient in decreasing blood ldl cholesterol, and it additionally contributes to enhancing the power of the center and arteries and defending them from clots.

6- Advantages of bulgur for pregnant girls: It’s a wealthy supply of many minerals essential for the expansion of the fetus and the pregnant lady, corresponding to: zinc, iron, manganese, and potassium. The expansion of the fetus, particularly the cells of its nervous system, in line with “Net Drugs”.

7- The advantages of bulgur wheat within the therapy of anemia: Iron performs the principle function within the formation of hemoglobin, which is concerned within the manufacturing of purple blood cells, and its deficiency results in anemia. The identical applies to some B nutritional vitamins, corresponding to; Folic acid (B9) and pantothenic acid, which play an essential function in metabolism and selling the functioning and formation of purple blood cells.

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