Discovery of a typical herb that treats constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion and prevents hair loss

Discovery of a typical herb that treats constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion and prevents hair loss

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The medicinal herb senna is taken into account one of many herbs that treats many ailments associated to the digestive system, akin to indigestion, constipation, and hemorrhoids, based on “Internet Medication”.

Amongst its most vital advantages

It promotes the well being of the digestive system. It was discovered that the herb senna helps scale back some issues of the digestive system, together with the next:

1. Treats constipation The glycosides current within the leaves of the senna herb trigger contractions that enhance bowel motion, and thus contribute to the elimination of meals waste inside a brief interval of solely 6-12 hours after consuming a meal. The US Meals and Drug Administration has additionally accredited senna as a non-prescription laxative for the remedy of constipation.

2. Colon Cleaning Senna leaves have been utilized in conventional Chinese language drugs to do away with stagnant meals within the abdomen. Alternatively, it’s used as a pure antiseptic earlier than a colonoscopy or colonoscopy.

3. Treats hemorrhoids One of many advantages of the herb is that it contributes to the remedy of anal tears and hemorrhoids, as a result of it helps to cut back swelling, and facilitates defecation in sick situations, akin to: anal fissure. This is because of the truth that the distinctive compounds current within the herb senna result in the separation of non-sugar parts within the colon, which will increase peristaltic actions within the intestinal tract, which hurries up the passage of stool out of the gut.

4. Treats indigestion. The herb could be very efficient in relieving signs related to indigestion, akin to heartburn, nausea, and fixed belching. When added with fragrant herbs, it reduces the buildup of irritating gases within the abdomen. Thus decreasing bloating.

5. You drop pounds

One of many advantages of senna is that it reduces weight, on account of the herb’s motion as a powerful laxative that helps remove undigested meals within the giant gut, which will increase the effectivity of the metabolism course of. Which in flip results in weight reduction.

6. Contributes to decreasing the expansion of micro organism

The important oils extracted from this herb have antibacterial properties, which prevents the multiplication of micro organism, particularly when contaminated with infections. Chewing senna leaves may also deal with mouth infections and gingivitis.

Aesthetic advantages of senna The advantages of senna usually are not restricted to the medical discipline, in addition they have a task within the aesthetic discipline, and crucial aesthetic advantages of the senna herb are the next:

Promotes wholesome pores and skin The senna herb is an efficient and cheap remedy for glowing and wholesome pores and skin, as it really works on the next:

1. Defend towards pores and skin ailments The important oils obtainable within the herb can be utilized to deal with ringworm, which is a fungal an infection that seems on the higher layers of the pores and skin. The herb will also be utilized in instances of wounds and burns.

2. Treats pores and skin infections Lotions constructed from senna leaves are very efficient in treating zits and eczema, as a result of its antibacterial properties, along with containing acetone and ethanol, which struggle microorganisms that trigger varied pores and skin infections. Promotes wholesome hair This herb is used to deal with a number of hair issues, akin to:

1. Strengthen the hair To get shiny and powerful hair, you’ll be able to combine the senna powder with water and milk, add lemon juice and natural infusion, then apply it on the hair, cowl it with a plastic cap till it dries, and eventually rinse it with heat water after a couple of hours.

2. Softens hair One of many aesthetic advantages of the herb is that it’s a nice choice for including softness, strengthening and thickening hair, however at first it could get dry, however the desired advantages will seem after a couple of days.

3. Reduces hair loss The function of the senna herb just isn’t solely restricted to beautifying your hair, but additionally improves the situation of the scalp and rid you of annoying dandruff, and it is likely one of the wonderful pure herbs to fight hair loss as properly, and enhance its depth.

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