Echoes of the distant previous

Echoes of the distant previous

Echoes of the distant previous

the place the soul by no means dies

Nature, reflection of our soul,

reveals the seasons of our lives.

Like individuals, the seasons of the earth train us

persistence, consciousness and encourage us to develop.

From the glint of the solar within the doe’s eye

to the sparrow raised by the air under its wings,

the spirit of God is the supply of life that feeds our spirit

and lifts us above ache and sorrow.

Solely the soul can journey to that place above the clouds

the place we’re lifted up by the breath of God.

Right here, classes discovered in nature

disclose to us that loss of life is a transition to life

and nothing disappears utterly.

Quite the opposite, we’re remodeled into one other realm of existence

to expertise the essence of life

the place the soul by no means dies.

Sam Oliver, creator of “A Life in Overview”


Echoes of the distant previous

Sounds of distant years

kind vibrations in my ears.

They create echoes of life behind

and etch reminiscences in my thoughts.

The hearts ring successively

and floods my physique with emotion

within the presence of an occasion or a buddy

actual or imaginary repeatedly.

The Spirit moans and moans

in search of tales informed twice

fill clean areas with similarity

of a previous life seen with readability.

Will my life over time

repeat itself like rhyming poetry?

Or discover a new path to take

that NO ONE, besides me, can imitate!

Sam Oliver, creator of “A Fish Known as Ed”

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