Go to to Guruvayur, Kerala

Go to to Guruvayur, Kerala

Go to to Guruvayur, Kerala

A extremely revered pilgrimage middle of Kerala, Guruvayur is popularly referred to as ‘Dwarka of the South’. It’s a lovely metropolis positioned within the Thrissur district of Kerala. It’s well-known for its Sree Krishna or Guruvayurappan temple the place devotees come from afar. The opposite title of this sacred place is “Bhooloka Vaikuntha”, which suggests “the sacred abode of Lord Vishnu on Earth”. It is without doubt one of the most necessary non secular websites for Hindus and 1000’s of devotees come right here from totally different components of the world.

Legend has it that the idol inscribed inside the primary shrine was as soon as worshiped by Lord Brahma himself. The lord gave the idol to lord Vishnu who introduced it with him to Dwarka in the course of the time of his Krishnavataram. Later, when Dwarka was about to be submerged within the sea, Lord Krishna advised Uddhava to seek for a protected place to enshrine the idol. Guru and Vayu (heavenly deities) discovered the protected place for the idol at Guruvayur in Kerala.

The historical past of the Guruvayur Temple dates again round 5,000 years. It’s stated to have been constructed by an architect named Vishwakarman. Maha Vishnu is the primary deity of the temple. The idol is within the standing posture with its 4 fingers holding the lotus, the Sudarshana chakram, the mace and the Sankhu. In accordance with the Sri Narada Purana, Emperor Janemejaya (the great-grandson of Arjuna, the hero of Maharabharata) worshiped Lord Krishna on this temple and was cured of leprosy.

The murals that adorn the partitions of the temple depict scenes from the good Hindu epics. Festivals are celebrated with nice enthusiasm within the temple. The temple is fantastically adorned with flowers and earthen lamps throughout festivals.

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