Harness your path to wellness with the Emotional Freedom Method

Harness your path to wellness with the Emotional Freedom Method

Harness your path to wellness with the Emotional Freedom Method

In 2003, I attended a workshop on a innovative methodology referred to as the Emotional Freedom Method. The commercial claimed that this system may deliver immense aid to folks affected by nervousness, phobias, melancholy, trauma, cravings and addictions, stress and even sicknesses. Since then I’ve used EFT with lots of of my psychotherapy purchasers (kids and adults) and have all the time been amazed on the outcomes.

Within the Nineteen Nineties, Gary Craig, an engineer from Stanford (with whom I had the honour of finding out in 2004) developed this wonderful therapeutic modality. It stems from thought discipline remedy which was found within the Eighties by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan of the College of Michigan. Dr. Callahan’s protocol was costly to study and sophisticated. Craig had a imaginative and prescient to simplify it and make it extra accessible to the general public

EFT is usually referred to as emotional acupuncture. As an alternative of utilizing needles, folks study to steadiness the physique’s power system by gently tapping with their fingertips on varied acupuncture factors that correspond to organs and feelings within the physique.

The roots of EFT come from conventional Chinese language medication during which a refined power system is acknowledged. Qi (pronounced chee) power flows via the meridians. You may consider the meridians as being like a river mattress over which water flows and irrigates the earth; nourishing, nurturing and sustaining the substance via which it flows. If a dam was positioned at any level alongside the river, the nourishing impact the water had on the complete river would cease on the level the place the dam was positioned.

So when the Qi will get blocked, the remainder of the physique suffers. Nervousness, melancholy, and varied sicknesses are among the many issues that may outcome. EFT is a incredible device used to revive the movement of Qi. By merely tapping on varied meridian factors, you possibly can take away blockages that forestall your physique from growing to its fullest.

One buyer, Bob felt unable to go on a cruise as a result of he had undergone angioplasty two weeks prior and had common panic assaults. He discovered that EFT calmed him down sufficient that he may go on a cruise and have a wonderful time.

One other shopper, Joan, had knee issues for over a yr. We tapped on the ache in his knee. A yr later, the ache had not returned. This is likely one of the “one-minute wonders” typically referred to by EFT founder Gary Craig.

Mary’s boyfriend of three years had damaged up along with her. She got here to my workplace in tears. We tapped on his grief after which instilled hope for the longer term. She left my workplace in a state of calm acceptance with hope for the longer term.

The chances of EFT are limitless. Folks use it not solely to heal trauma and stress, but additionally to deliver abundance, gratitude, and pleasure into their lives. As a therapeutic approach, there’s nothing else that may match its simplicity and effectiveness. Many skilled therapists now report typical success charges of 80%. The excellent news is that it is simple to study and you’ve got a device for all times. Gary Craig declares that we’ve acquired a priceless reward from an historic Japanese philosophy. I really feel very privileged to have the ability to share this reward with my purchasers, household and buddies.

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