How do you observe “intermittent fasting” correctly?

How do you observe “intermittent fasting” correctly?

Many individuals observe “intermittent fasting”, ie Stop eating food and liquids that raise the level of “insulin” in the blood For sure hours, and solely consuming water, espresso and tea, or consuming some useful oils and fat that don’t break the quick, resembling olive oil, black seed oil, MCT oil, and in addition pure animal butter or animal ghee, of which a small a part of them could also be added to espresso whereas consuming it!

Nevertheless, a lot of those that strive “intermittent fasting” don’t proceed to work with it, as a result of they didn’t get the specified outcomes from it – in accordance with their perception – particularly losing a few pounds, or dropping fats across the waist and buttocks, which makes them annoyed and return to the earlier feeding routine, which relies on consuming Carbohydrates in bigger portions, or consuming a number of small meals repeatedly all through the day, with a median of 6 meals, which is a technique that many suppose is wholesome, however its outcomes are very adverse for public well being, as a result of it makes the extent of “insulin” excessive within the blood, as a result of the liver continues to secrete it. What may have one inevitable consequence, the human an infection with “insulin resistance”!


The advantages of intermittent fasting

“Intermittent fasting” has many advantages, not solely “weight reduction”, however its advantages embrace: regulating hormone efficiency, bettering “insulin” sensitivity within the blood, elevating ranges of the autophagy course of, enhancing the power of the immune system, resting the inner organs, enhancing Development hormone ranges, stress hormone reduction…and far more!

So, the objective of “intermittent fasting” shouldn’t be weight reduction, however relatively contemplate this as one of many desired advantages, as a result of wholesome vitamin, if mixed with “intermittent fasting” and sports activities, will end in enhancing the overall well being of the person, and thus robotically the physique will eliminate toxins and fat. extra.

Intermittent fasting guidelines

“Intermittent fasting”, particularly for newcomers, and to ensure that it to show right into a sustainable wholesome life-style, it should be carried out in accordance with basic guidelines, crucial of that are:

How do you observe “intermittent fasting” correctly?


1- Gradient

It is vital for an individual to start out with reasonable fasting hours, then improve their fee with the passage of time, when his physique will get used to the brand new life-style with out feeling any nice exhaustion or an unbridled psychological want to eat, with the significance of an individual stopping fasting if he suffers from a well being drawback or fatigue. Intense.

For instance, an individual can begin by fasting 12 hours a day, then increase it after every week to 14, and after that, two weeks later, improve the variety of hours to 16 hours, and when he will get used to it and finds it not exhausting, he can strive fasting 18 hours, then 20 hours, as much as 22. An hour, and as much as 24 hours for the “superior” in “intermittent fasting”. The place he’ll discover with time that his physique is accustomed to staying with out meals, and that his urge for food for consuming just isn’t nice, not as a result of he lacks urge for food, however due to the regularity of the extent of the “insulin” hormone, and since he doesn’t really feel “false starvation”, and subsequently he’ll eat solely when his physique wants meals.

2- Consuming and maintaining a healthy diet fluids and fat whereas fasting

Since throughout fasting, so as to not really feel hungry, an individual can drink liquids that don’t increase the extent of “insulin” within the blood. Like espresso, at a fee of 300 ml, and he can add a little bit little bit of MCT oil or a small piece of “natural animal butter” to it, and a few well being consultants add a little bit “natural animal ghee” to espresso, which supplies the physique vitality and makes it really feel full, along with the function of espresso In rushing up the “metabolism” processes. The fasting individual may also drink crimson, inexperienced and natural tea, in addition to lemon juice with natural apple cider vinegar. There are additionally consultants who advise in “extended intermittent fasting” to drink “bone broth” water as a result of it accommodates many minerals and vitamins.



3- Consuming salt and hint minerals

Eat pure, unprocessed salts, resembling Himalayan salt and pure sea salt, in addition to vital minerals resembling: magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, boron. All these “electrolytes” assist in important processes throughout the physique, and make the nervous system and cells in a position to carry out their duties with out stress, and protects the physique from dehydration.

4- Eat meals wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals

It’s these meals that may present the physique with its every day dietary wants, and make it in a position to keep for lengthy intervals with out feeling hungry. The place the meal that precedes or follows “intermittent fasting” is meant to be wealthy in: protein, useful fat; And it’s low in carbohydrates, in order that the supply of carbohydrates is from greens or berries. And that the fasting individual stays away from breaking the quick on “carbohydrates”, and that consuming is gradual in the course of the “breakfast window”, with out being steady on a regular basis, and it’s higher to restrict it to a median of solely two meals, or one meal for individuals who are dedicated to fasting 22 hours or extra.

5- Avoid processed meals, refined carbohydrates, and hydrogenated oils

Such a consuming, along with its severe well being harm, stimulates the secretion of the hormone “insulin”, and causes an individual to develop “insulin resistance”, and thus the fixed feeling of starvation and the will to eat, which makes him unable to quick for lengthy intervals.

6- Good sleep

In the course of the sleep interval, the human physique’s programs and cells work very effectively in burning fats, and in addition the hours of sleep are throughout the time interval calculated within the “intermittent fasting” interval. Subsequently, sleeping nicely, early, helps in “fasting” simpler.

7- Doing sports activities

Some could also be stunned that train, together with the hassle it entails, will assist extend the “fasting” hours, as a result of it’s normal that train pushes the person in the direction of consuming as a result of his want for vitality. What’s true is that train will improve the degrees of the “progress” hormone within the physique, and can work to scale back the degrees of “insulin” and “stress” hormones, which implies not feeling “false starvation”, particularly if sports activities are related to diets resembling “keto” or “low food regimen”. Carbohydrates”, and consuming “hint minerals”, then train will contribute to strengthening the physique and pushing it to quick for longer hours.

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