Husky tile saw

Husky tile saw

Husky tile saw

The Husky 7-inch Wet Tile Saw, model number THD750L, will probably operate you near to $120 for the most part merchants. I purchased mine at home Depot and I also’m pleased to state that I became overall very satisfied with the acquisition, but there are some things I would personally subtract things on.

First, the good thing is that the Husky tile saw probably reduce in addition to higher priced models regarding the 3/8 inch tile I became cutting for my family area task. Slices were smooth and necessary small energy. In addition liked that water reservoir had been big enough that i did not need to refill before a lot of slices. Additionally, there was clearly no blocking when you look at the saw.

The primary unfavorable point associated with the Husky water saw had been its laser guide. Fundamentally, the complete laser guide amounted to an element to attract you in and perhaps provide the Husky an advantage over various other companies. The guide ended working after various slices because of a brief circuit. Whenever it worked, the range was not accurate adequate to trust. To help make a laser line cut needs a rather good width and also this wasn’t the outcome aided by the Husky guide. If you should be contemplating a laser guide with this design or any other, I would state it can help at night.

Overall, We give this tile saw an excellent score. I did not need to force the tile through the saw knife plus it had adequate capacity to deal with standard renovating tasks with ease.

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