Information 24 | Ministry of Well being directed to cease and recuperate allowances paid to some staff in Tabuk

Information 24 | Ministry of Well being directed to cease and recuperate allowances paid to some staff in Tabuk

The Ministry of Well being demanded the suspension and restoration of psychological allowances for quite a few staff working within the Irada and Psychological Well being Complicated in Tabuk, as of subsequent February.

And the ministry acknowledged, in a round, “Information 24It specified situations and controls for granting the psychological allowance, together with that the worker be fastened on the place for which the allowance is prescribed, and that the place be accepted inside the administration formations accepted by the finances of the advanced, hospital, or psychiatric clinic.

She added that the situations additionally included that the worker performs the work of the job repeatedly within the amenities wherein the employees are scheduled to pay the allowance, offered that the fee of the allowance is stopped within the occasion of motion, project, scholarship, or dispatch to review outdoors or contained in the Kingdom, aside from those that had closing judicial rulings issued by Administrative and labor courts.

And he or she indicated that the periodic overview carried out by the Normal Administration of Salaries and its affiliated techniques resulted within the discovery of the disbursement of psychological allowances to staff with out proper, together with staff who’re paid the allowance and their staffs from Jap Well being, Jeddah, Al-Jouf, Northern Borders, Medina, Jizan and Taif, and assigned to work within the psychological well being administration advanced in Tabuk. , and different staff employed by well being affairs within the Tabuk area or different well being amenities and who aren’t employed by a psychological well being hospital or an administration advanced, which is opposite to the situations for granting psychological allowances, which require that the cadres of the place for which the allowance is scheduled be inside the accepted administrative formations within the finances of the advanced, hospital or clinic. Psychological.

The Ministry directed to cease the fee of allowances urgently for workers belonging to the homeowners of the Administration and Psychological Well being Complicated and assigned to work on different fronts because of the irregularity of the fee of the allowance, offered that what was paid to them with no authorized foundation throughout the interval of their project be recovered in aside from their staffing.

The Ministry additionally demanded that the allowance be disbursed urgently for the staff at the moment assigned to the Irada Complicated for Psychological Well being and their staffing from exterior events, offered that coordination takes place with their staffs to recuperate what was spent with no authorized foundation, and to work with the Normal Administration of Psychological and Social Well being to seek out out the precise want for workers from the Psychological Well being Complicated. well being amenities in accordance with their accepted requirements and scientific capability.

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