Just how to sew lined shoe bags for tennis, playing tennis, bowling, fitness center, party or any drawstring bag

Just how to sew lined shoe bags for tennis, playing tennis, bowling, fitness center, party or any drawstring bag

Just how to sew lined shoe bags for tennis, playing tennis, bowling, fitness center, party or any drawstring case

Sewing footwear bags when it comes to dudes or women in your lifetime is a superb gift. No matter what recreation or pastime they enjoy or where they travel. . .Away or in the fitness center, footwear bags or drawstring bags also come in handy.

Sewing directions tend to be for a drawstring lined footwear case.

You will be the fashion designer. You’ll determine the reason, textile, design and measurements of your drawstring bag. Below are a few recommendations.


Use whatever textile works in your favor. About 1/2 lawn of textile tends to make a shoe bag.

Sturdier materials like denim, canvas, duvet address, imitation suede, corduroy, etc. are very well fitted to better quality shoes.

Thin materials like velvet, velor, cottons, flannels, etc. ideal for dressier shoes.

Consider satin or silk for underwear bags or precious jewelry bags. Or utilize mesh or sponge for the coastline or washing bags.

Lining is recommended. But, if you should be coating bags, decide a compatible liner textile it doesn’t rip quickly, specifically for sturdier footwear. Occasionally equivalent textile is the greatest liner. The directions listed below are for a lined drawstring bag.

You may choose to utilize washable materials to help you clean the bags later.

Pre-shrunk all materials before cutting.


Use a set of ornamental 36 inch long shoelaces or leather-based laces for every single case or hefty cable or sew yours material or imitation suede cords. Ribbon additionally works.


Sew a test case to see in the event that proportions are best for your needs.

Cut a bag with all the after recommended proportions. Place the shoe around and look if it suits you really. Include or subtract from size or circumference to modify the footwear or product you have actually.

Suggested sizes

For 2 tennis footwear bags, slashed 4 bits of textile 20 inches lengthy and 11 ins broad. Reduce 4 bits of lining 19 ins very long and 10-1/2 ins large.

Note: Reduce an additional drawstring case for a golf basketball case.

Two bowling shoes will easily fit into one footwear case. Cut 2 bits of textile 20 inches lengthy and 11 ins broad. Cut 2 liners 19 ins very long and 10-1/2 ins broad.

A case may also fit 2 playing tennis footwear or 2 ladies’ gown shoes.

Sports footwear differ in dimensions. For huge or little footwear, measure across the footwear and adjust the material dimensions plus seam allowances to suit the shoe size.

How to sew Sewing method

Decorate the footwear bag

Make the drawstring case special with a particular design or emblem. Think about monogramming the bags or incorporating a sporty design applique or embroidery design before sewing. Put the design about 3 ins through the base in the exact middle of one of many 20 x 11 pieces.

After cutting the case, location 2 bits of bag right edges together.

Measure while making a mark 5 ins through the the top of case on both edges.

Sew a 1/2 inches seam round the case starting and preventing as of this 5 inches level. Don’t backstitch. When it comes to very first and final inches, utilize brief stitches.

Repeat the seam as above for the liner.

Press all available seams on case and lining.

Press under 1/2 inches from the unsewn part sides regarding the 5 inches case. Fuse or sew to carry.

Do the exact same for the liner.

Turn the case right-side out.

Turn the liner right part out.

Machine stitch 1/2″ towards the base regarding the liner as you had been performing a French seam. This produces a powerful advantage.

Turn the liner around out.

Slide the lining to the case so the top side of the lining is 1/2 inches underneath the top side of the bag.

Fold the most effective side of the leading regarding the case down 1/2 inches throughout the lining.

Press this crease to create a crease.

Now lower the top folded pressed advantage regarding the case so that it meets the medial side sides at the end regarding the orifice.

Pin to keep and sew near to this fold advantage.

To result in the envelope, sew 1″ above the earlier seam.

Repeat for the rear of the case.

Insert cords

Use a safety pin or piping to simply help slip the cords through the envelopes.

Slip a cord through the case casing with all the as well as front side having finishes on a single region of the case.

Insert the various other cable beginning on the other hand regarding the case, sliding through the case casing in the as well as the leading having finishes on that part regarding the bag.

Tie the finishes regarding the cords collectively.

This finishes the lined drawstring footwear case.

Note: In the event that footwear case is broad adequate for just two footwear, you’ll sew the biggest market of the case through the base up (however including) the casing through all of the levels generate split compartments for every single footwear to assist. have them

Pin before stitching and test to see when there is adequate room
for shoes. Or else you increases the circumference
of your footwear bag.

Sew bags of every dimensions for such a thing. Every person requires a bag
Something. Children love resource bags. Make huge bags and little bags. Provide drawstring bags to your friends and relations for dad’s Day, birthday celebration presents, xmas gift ideas, etc. have some fun stitching bags!

Itis only rational!

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