Kefir – The origins of kefir and its wealthy historical past

Kefir – The origins of kefir and its wealthy historical past

Kefir – The origins of kefir and its wealthy historical past

It’s typically believed that kefir originated centuries in the past from the shepherds of the Caucasus mountain area. The folks of this area, the Caucasians, have been identified to make kefir by including kefir grains to goat or cow’s milk and letting it ferment for days in a goatskin leather-based bag. The consequence, a refreshing cultured milk drink with a barely creamy texture and a refreshing tart taste referred to as kefir.

These folks, who would have consumed giant quantities of kefir, have been identified to have very lengthy wholesome lives. Lifespans of over 100 years have been nothing out of the odd.

Quick ahead to the final century, kefir is changing into more and more fashionable in Russia and the previous Soviet states. And its recognition at present continues to develop as international locations apart from the previous USSR reminiscent of Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark manufacture kefir on a industrial scale.

However the actual query we needs to be asking shouldn’t be the place kefir, the fermented milk drink, comes from, however the place kefir grains come from. As a result of with out kefir grains, there can be no kefir.

Sadly, the origin of kefir grains has lengthy been shrouded in thriller. No person actually is aware of the place he comes from and the way he was born. The most well-liked model of the origin of kefir grains is a legend of the Prophet Muhammad giving the Orthodox of the Caucasus Mountain the very first kefir grains and educating them easy methods to make kefir or “the drink of the Prophet Muhammad”.

Kefir grains or “grains of the prophet” and the method of creating kefir have been guarded very intently and have been thought-about the wealth of the household or tribe. And since kefir grains might be salvaged and reused indefinitely after every batch of cultured milk, these have been handed down from technology to technology.

One other concept of ​​the origin of kefir grains is that it’s truly manna on the milk. The identical manna, which God miraculously offered in the course of the Israelites’ 40 years of wandering within the desert, as talked about within the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible.

Finally, we could by no means know if the primary kefir grains have been a present from the Prophet Muhammad or meals offered by God himself. So far as we all know, he very effectively might have been there from the beginning.

However we’re certain of 1 factor, that kefir grains and kefir will proceed to intrigue generations to come back with its “miraculous” well being advantages and therapeutic qualities. There may be actually nothing on this world like kefir.

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