Mahavidya – The ten Knowledge Goddesses of Tantra

Mahavidya – The ten Knowledge Goddesses of Tantra

Mahavidya – The ten Knowledge Goddesses of Tantra

Tantra and Mahavidya

Tantra is a science, a philosophy and an artwork mixed in a phenomenal, complicated methodology giving the practitioner the speculation and workouts essential to take the steps in direction of a greater understanding of himself and the universe, finally resulting in a gap of the soul and a fusion with the divine. .

Tantra is an exploration of the energies of the universe to grasp the essence behind these energies. These energies are embodied within the wide selection of deities current within the tantric universe, the principle 10 being the Maha Vidya who signify 10 elementary and archetypal energies within the universe (poetically known as the ten faces of God).

Every Goddess has her cosmic perform in common concord, and meditating on her results in an consciousness of the mysterious nature of God from a sure perspective, awakening totally different particular features within the practitioner who then begins to manifest her qualities. in all areas of his/her life.


She is commonly depicted dancing over the corpse of her consort Shiva. She has black pores and skin, 4 arms, wide-open glowing eyes, a necklace made from severed heads, and her tongue sticks wildly out of her large, wide-open mouth, laughing on the attachments of us mortal people. Certainly, a horrible sight to behold!

Kali symbolizes loss of life, time and destruction. She is the primary goddess as a result of we should transcend our concern of time, loss of life and the short-term to actually start our non secular journey.

Mahavidya Tara

We invoke Tara when wanted. She is the mild savior we pray to in instances of want and misery. She is going to information us safely by the oceans of Maya (the nice phantasm which means existence). It’s gentle blue, white and gold and can grant us the miracles we ask for.

Mahavidya-Tripura Sundari

Tripura Sundari is reality, magnificence and concord. She is the gorgeous, ecstatic face of God. It’s the splendor of nature, the profound concord and the precept in all issues (ie the golden ratio).


Bhuvaneswari is the goddess of area. She is invoked to extend our consciousness of the vastness of the universe. It additionally represents the pursuit of data.

Mahavidya – Tripura Bhairavi

Tripura Bhairavi is the goddess of tapas which means non secular observe. It provides the follower an infinite energy of focus and perseverance to realize any purpose.

Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

Chinnamasta is the goddess of thunder. With lightning and thunder, she decapitates the adept liberating his consciousness in order that it’s now not sure to the bodily physique.

Meditation on it provides immense braveness.


Dhumavati is the facility of vacancy. She is portrayed as a crooked previous witch with rotten enamel. She symbolizes all that’s painful, hopeless, deserted and putrefied. She is loss of life itself. It provides us the chance to search out loss of life even in essentially the most determined scenario by going deep inside till we discover the deepest reality deep inside our being.


Bagalamukhi is the facility of the sphinx which pierces and hypnotizes us. Bagalamukhi is used to cease her enemies as she utterly hypnotizes them.

She is portrayed as a lady of immense magnificence that places anybody who gazes at her right into a deep trance.


Matangi is the goddess of divine order. As above as beneath, as an previous quote says.

A superb instance of the order of the universe is fractal science or the holographic idea of the universe.

It’s also broadly utilized by artists who use this common order to channel works of nice depth and sweetness.


Kamalatmika is the goddess of abundance and non secular perfection. When the adept has handed by all the opposite goddesses, he has understood the universe and is able to obtain all of its presents.

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