Nakshatra and presiding deity

Nakshatra and presiding deity

Nakshatra and presiding deity

The Indian star system or Hindu Nakshatra system divides the ecliptic of the Solar’s obvious path throughout the sky into 27 equal divisions of 13 levels 20 minutes every.

This technique is a scientifically designed system. This mysterious system reveals all the current, previous and future occasions of every man.

These 27 nakshatras or stars are intently associated to each man/lady.

For each star there’s a presiding deity. It is vitally fascinating to notice that the celebs and presiding deities reveal all of the secrets and techniques of Devas (divine angels) and human beings.

We should select the star favorable to our success when beginning a brand new enterprise. As soon as this difficult science of the celebs, you’ll obtain whole success in all fields.

The Hindu lifestyle insists on selecting the best star for the appropriate firm.

The twenty-seven nakshatras and the respective presiding deity are given beneath:

1) Ashwini-Aswins

2) Bharani-Yama

3) Krittika – Agni (Fireplace)

4) Rohini-Prajapati

5) Mrigashirsha – Soma

6) Aardraa-Rudra

7) Punarvasu-Aditi

8) Pushya – Brihaspathi

9) Ashlesha – Sarpa

10) Maagha – Pitris

11) Poorva Phalkuni – Aryama

12) Utra Phalkuni – Bhaga

13) Up – Savitar

14) Chitra – Tvashtar

15) Swati-Vayu

16) Vishakha – Indra and Agni

17) Anuradha – Mitra

18) Jyestha – Indra

19) Mullet – Pitris or Nirriti

20) Poorvaashadaa – Apa (Water)

21) Uttaraashaada – Viswedevas

22) Shraavana – Vishnu

23) Dhanishta – Vasus

24) Shatabhisak – Varuna

25) Poorva Bhaadrapada – Ajaikapad

26) Uttara Bhaadrapada – Ahirbhudhuya

27) Revathi-Pooshan

Extra concerning the secrets and techniques of the celebs can be listed within the subsequent article.

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