North Korea – A second quiz

North Korea – A second quiz

North Korea – A second quiz

North Korea is a fairly remoted place, however there’s nonetheless fairly a bit we all know. Attempt these:

1. How large is the North Korean military?

2. What number of Koreans have risked imprisonment and loss of life by fleeing this communist “paradise”?

3. What share of North Korea is mountainous?

4. What share of NK’s 18,000 miles of roads is paved?

5. Which faith dominated the nation earlier than Christianity/atheism?

6. How lengthy did Kim Jong Il rule?

7. Is there prosperity in North Korea?

8. What was Korea referred to as earlier than it was referred to as Korea?

9. How far again does Korea’s historical past go?

10. What’s Korea’s most well-known dish?


1. Perhaps one million? It’s the 4th or fifth largest on this planet. That is the explanation why Korea can proceed to wreak havoc on its folks. That is the explanation for widespread hunger. That is the explanation why the person within the center can flip an offended face to the West and reject the warnings of the world. Allow us to pray that the Lord of hosts will do what solely He is ready to do…

2. Greater than 50,000 folks now stay in northeast China. Many extra have fled to South Korea, Mongolia, different components of China, and even the USA.

3. 80. Really rugged land.


5. Buddhism (later overtaken by “non-religious” Confucianism)

6. Too lengthy. Since 1994. However the Lord of all Lords is aware of what is going on and can rise…

7. Sure. Clearly, the federal government and the army are displaying the world a fats face. The additional a customer is ready to journey from Pyongyang, the extra North Korea’s tragedy is revealed. 8. For a thousand years earlier than this period, it was generally known as “Choson”, the land of the “morning calm”. 9. As much as 5,000 years previous, however numerous that’s combined up in mythology. The legendary determine “Tangun” is claimed to have based Korea’s first dynasty between Noah’s flood and the time of Abraham. (2333 BC)

10. Kimchi. Spicy cabbage. Highly regarded.

Loving our neighbors implies understanding them. Please proceed to wish for these descendants of the morning calm who yearn for the morning calm to rise upon them. Oh could Christ as soon as extra be lifted up on this land!

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