Obi Divination – The mouth of the Orichas

Obi Divination – The mouth of the Orichas

Obi Divination – The mouth of the Orichas

“There’s Obi, there’s Obi, there’s Obi”

The prayers start for Obi, the binary divination system of the Yoruba faith for acquiring “Sure” and “No” solutions to questions of various ranges of depth and that means. This technique, essential to all in African non secular ideas underneath the key rubric of Ifa and their varied ranges of dilution underneath the classes of Lukumi and Santeria, is a technique of the methods wherein Nigerian kola nuts (Obi Abata), recent coconut meat (darle el coco) and 4 cowries converse to us and are thought of the “spokespersons” of the Orichas. The Orichas, as they’re collectively recognized, are African-based nature gods and goddesses who rule varied locations and parts of the world and are thought of “guardian angels” to every and all who inhabit the Earth. Every of us is taken into account to have this explicit “ache” or “spirit” of the deities and it’s within the patakis, or tales of the interactions of the Orichas with one another and with the world, that the lesson is given or the message is delivered. .

Obi’s spirit, as soon as mortal on earth, grew to become an Oricha as soon as good deeds have been executed, fell from Grace on account of Ego. Descending to Earth, Obi’s spirit embodied the coconut tree. Though Obi can’t converse with using his tongue, he communicates by means of the white (“clear”) or brown (“darkish”) aspect of coconut meat. If cowries are used, it’s the aspect that has been graded open to point “Sure” (“clear”) and the ridged closed aspect that signifies a “No” (“darkish”) aspect of the response sample that’s dropped throughout the interrogation.

After ritual libations and prayers, some use Obi coconut divination to reply questions throughout a divinatory studying with the shopper current. Obi additionally clarifies confusion relating to the playing cards’ message when used with cowries in a tarot card studying for a shopper. Purchasers can ask Obi a query and the guide or religious employee may also be requested to ask the query when the cardboard layers on themselves aren’t related to the shoppers dilemma. Obi divination shouldn’t be taken calmly and is seen as a software to assist humanity search readability in resolution making whether or not you’re totally initiated into the faith or not. There are 5 ranges of depth for Obi; two affirmative or optimistic solutions with totally different levels of severity, two unfavourable or “no” solutions, and a “perhaps” reply that requires a second query to extract a much less ambiguous reply.

The 5 totally different hull designs that may drop throughout a Q&A are:

“Alafia” – “Sure with blessings!” – That is probably the most affirmative reply, however as a result of she could also be too impatient in her supply, she should have a second throw to substantiate and safe the reply. The second cowrie drop should be one other “Alafia” or “Ejife” or “Etagua” response to be thought of a “Sure” response.

“Ejife” – “Sure” (however with out emphasis) – This affirmative reply is interpreted as “Sure, and your World is balanced”, which signifies that what you might have proposed or achieved (or are about to) brings a give/take stability, sure/no, or contradictory struggles of the World to remain in concord.

“Etagua” (or “Etawa”) – “Possibly” – This reply seems when the query wants clarification (posing it in such a means that you may get a “Sure” or “No” reply to start with) or Oricha is considering the entire scenario and desires a second query that has been “adjusted” to have the ability to reply. When Etagua seems, the second reply from the second shell toss is the actual reply. If one other “Etagua” (Etagua-Meji) falls after the primary, the that means is “do not ask what you already know”.

“Okana” – that means that darkness surrounds the shopper and a optimistic final result shouldn’t be out there, maybe with out further religious work. One shell open and three closed point out to concentrate on the small beam of sunshine at midnight.

“Oyekun” – Probably the most severe “No” response because it signifies the shopper is disconnected from their spirituality and strolling in darkness. This can be a horrible warning; it portends unexpected troubles, accidents, fires and even portends loss of life. Further questions needs to be requested on behalf of shoppers to find out why Oyekun got here. Water needs to be sprinkled on Oyekun and if he seems greater than as soon as, the shells needs to be positioned in water to “quiet down” the response.

After the whole studying of the tarot card, the shopper has the chance to ask questions that weren’t addressed throughout the studying of the cardboard. These could also be clearer on unique shell throwing or different unrelated issues of relationships and enterprise methods. As soon as we start to obtain a number of “Etaguas” to the questions in an apparent sample, this means that the road of questioning should finish because the shopper asks questions with apparent solutions in entrance of his face.

Whereas it is not all the time a direct response, Obi offers a glimpse of issues to come back. It is no thriller that clients who return for a follow-up studying three months later exclaim, “The shells have been proper! I merely didn’t see it (the scenario) evolve in entrance of me! and different claims that point out that the revelations of fact Obi offers are coming true. For me, in addition to for greater than 70 million adherents of this African indigenous faith, we all know that Obi doesn’t lie.

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