Orisha Elegua

Orisha Elegua

Orisha Elegua

Elegua is also called Esu within the Yoruba pantheon of Orisha. The Orisha are the deities of the Yoruba custom. It was delivered to the diaspora by way of slavery within the Caribbean in locations like Cuba the place the Lucumi/Santeria custom continued the Yoruba worship of the orisha within the New World. He’s the messenger who brings his prayers and sacrifices to the toes of God in heaven.

Elegua opens and closes the highway or the trail for us in life. It stands on the crossroads and on the 4 bends. No ceremony is began with out having first paid homage to him. It takes many kinds and has many names. He’s seen as a trickster and could be a tough instructor when there’s a lesson to study.

It’s stated that there are 256 roads or paths of Esu/Elegua. These paths correspond to the 256 Odu in Ifa. Many didn’t arrive within the New World with the slaves. They stayed in Nigeria. No priest or priestess within the Yoruba/Lucumi religion is with out Esu/Elegua. Every one who receives an Elegua receives one particular to their background and wishes. Divination is carried out to find out which path of Elegua needs to be given to the particular person. Elegua is among the few orishas that you do not have to be absolutely initiated to obtain. One will be an aleyo, an outsider (literal translation) or uninitiated and obtain and Esu/Elegua if they’ve points that he may help with. This is among the points that makes Elegua so distinctive.

He’s a really difficult deity. He is called the one who can create confusion very simply. He should subsequently all the time be pampered and handled with respect to keep away from the hassles created in his identify. Every time there’s a sacrifice or a ceremony, one thing should first be given to him. He’s the appropriator of the ceremonies. If Elegua shouldn’t be acknowledged, the primary likelihood is that the specified consequence in a ceremony is not going to materialize. He’s thought-about one of many primary warriors given within the Ibora or set of warriors given by a Babalawo. A Babalawo is an Ifa priest initiated into the secrets and techniques of Ifa. He provides all the Warriors to those that want them. The Diaspora Warriors are Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi, and Osun. In Nigeria Osun shouldn’t be given to warriors. Monks and priestesses of Orisha can provide Elegua to their godchildren however to not all warriors. It’s with this Elegua that the godchild is initiated into Orisha with after they resolve to provoke themselves.

Opposite to what most individuals consider, not all roads in Elegua like youngsters or wish to play. Some will be very severe and harmful if aggravated or performed with. It’s essential to know the route of their Elegua and its specific traits. They don’t seem to be all the identical.

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