Science and expertise, computing and area

Science and expertise, computing and area

Science and expertise, computing and area

America’s Pc Named World’s Quickest
In response to studies printed on November 15, 2012, a Cray supercomputer on the US authorities’s Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory was an IBM supercomputer at one other US analysis facility. Titan, a Cray XK7 system put in at Oak Ridge, achieved 17.59 Peta flops (quadrillion calculations per second). The system is funded by the US Division of Vitality and is used for analysis on power, local weather change, environment friendly motors, supplies, and different superior scientific analysis.

Titan propelled the IBM Sequoia from Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory in California to second place. Sequoia, which was declared the quickest system on this planet in June 2012, may solely handle 16.32 Peta flops within the contest. Others within the prime 5 had been Fujitsu’s Ok laptop in Kobe, Japan; an IBM Blue Gene/Q system named Mira in Chicago, USA; and one other IBM Blue Gene/Q system named Queen in Germany. The survey discovered that 251 of the world’s 500 quickest techniques had been in the US, 105 in Europe and 123 in Asia, together with 72 in China.

Scientists uncover methods to change the colour of gold
Scientists have for the primary time discovered a method to change the colour of gold, the world’s most iconic treasured metallic. Researchers on the College of Southampton in the US have discovered that by embossing tiny raised or indented patterns on the floor of metallic, they’ll change the way in which it absorbs and displays gentle. The result’s that the human eye doesn’t see it as “golden” in any respect.

The groundbreaking discovery can be relevant to different metals comparable to aluminum and silver. It opens up the potential for coloring metals with out having to coat or chemically deal with them, offering helpful financial, environmental and different advantages.

The method may very well be exploited in a variety of industries, together with jewellery making. It may also be used to make banknotes and paperwork which might be tougher to forge. It may be used to supply a variety of colours on a given metallic.

Gloves that enable the palms to operate as a wi-fi keyboard
Researchers on the College of Alabama in the US have designed a brand new glove that enables the person’s palms to rework right into a wi-fi keyboard. As a substitute of urgent keys on a keyboard, the person merely touches with their thumb sure factors on their fingers to which a letter or different keyboard operate is assigned. The lead wire transmits the command to the matchbox-sized printed circuit board (PCB) hooked up to the again of the glove. The PCB transmits it to the focused system by way of Bluetooth.

The identify of the glove is Gauntlet, which is an acronym for Common Accessible Low Energy Cellular Digital Contact Typist. It encompasses a beehive of conductive threads working by means of the fingers and palm.

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