Secret Kung Fu Arts: Iron Kneecaps Train

Secret Kung Fu Arts: Iron Kneecaps Train

Secret Kung Fu Arts: Iron Kneecaps Train

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret Fight Workout routines or “Kungs” contain excessive coaching that, if persistent, yields wonderful outcomes. Working towards the Iron Kneecaps train transforms the knees into formidable weapons able to defeating the strongest opponent. Particulars of the coaching strategies and the three key steps concerned comply with.


‘Kungs’ principally contain both delicate ‘Yin Rou Power’ coaching (principally inside) or arduous ‘Yang Gang Energy’ coaching (principally exterior), though a couple of contain each. The Iron Ball Joint train aka Tie Xi Gong is of the Yang Gang Exterior Energy Coaching selection.

Technical evaluation

Coaching the kneecaps on this means permits them for use as (and alongside) elbows for putting, particularly helpful in shut and medium vary fight. The event of the fight use of kneecaps makes an extra weapon accessible for these functions.

The affect of a sudden assault on the knee might be dramatic, “Like a tiger smashing by a flock of sheep!” Throughout fight, the knees can be utilized as a shock or covert weapon to “flip the tables” and defeat an opponent.


Step 1

Sit cross-legged, with the underside of every fist, strike the kneecaps 72 occasions, concurrently. Then, with the palms flat on the kneecaps, therapeutic massage them from exterior to inside 36 occasions in a round style. Repeat the train, this time massaging 36 occasions from the within out, in the identical means. This train (which helps reshape the patella to suit and extra successfully shield the knee joint) needs to be repeated 9 occasions, twice a day, morning and night. After about 1 yr, college students needs to be prepared for the subsequent step.

2nd step

Now two picket mallets change the fists, and the train is repeated in the identical means, each hitting and massaging. Once more, college students have to be prepared for the third and ultimate stage after 1 yr.

Step 3

This ultimate coaching stage, which is of the same period, makes use of two metallic hammers however in any other case follows the identical sample as the primary two. On the finish of this era, the kneecaps needs to be “as sturdy as iron” and ample to defeat the strongest opponent, whether or not utilized in assault or protection.


Styles of knee assaults

Parrying Knee: prevents opponents from advancing, blocks kicks, prepares the person for a counterattack;

Darting Knee Strike: Fast, short-range strikes up and ahead towards the middle line;

Goring Knee Strike: Opportunistic assault in the direction of the middle or decrease torso;

Curving Knee Strike: the knee strikes up and laterally relative to the again foot to strike the pinnacle or higher physique;

Upward Knee Strike: A fast knee assault to very important elements when opponents carelessly shut in;

Aspect Knee Strike: a knee counterattack method, used after a facet step or different evasion;

Flying Knee Strike: single, double or mixed bounce strikes, significantly helpful in opposition to a tiring opponent;

In Steps 2 and three of the above coaching routine, it’s suggested to rub the kneecaps effectively with Chinese language medicinal wine/Dit-Da-Jeow, after coaching to keep away from inside accidents.

The In 5 Animals Phrases knee method (additionally elbow) is Leopard: treacherous, misleading, vicious with a excessive power-to-weight ratio (energy and power concentrate on the sharp kneecap)!

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