Sikhs, Sati and Polygamy

Sikhs, Sati and Polygamy

Sikhs, Sati and Polygamy

The Sikh faith appeared within the sixteenth century. The primary Sikh Guru named Nanak wished to do away with the evils of Hindu society and set up a faith which ought to be ‘pure’ and undefiled. Consequently, the Sikh faith emerged which tried to do away with the evils of Hindu society. Guru Nanak, the founding father of the Sikh religion, was a person of nice non secular perception. He additionally made 4 journeys and traveled to distant elements of the world, from Makkah, Istanbul to Sri Lanka. He preached in opposition to sati, purdah and polygamy.

Nanak thought of them an aberration of society and wished them gone. His many verses and hymns testify to his considering. However after Nanak’s disappearance, Sikh students have by no means defined how these practices reappeared in Sikhism. Many researchers ignore these information. However historic proof that at the very least 4 of the Sikh Gurus practiced polygamy isn’t one thing one would want for. The Sikh Gurus had been the temporal and non secular leaders at the moment and their deeds will need to have confounded Sikhs generally. How do they justify the truth that one of many gurus had eight wives and probably the most wonderful of them, Guru Gobind Singh, had three.

In fact, lots of their followers should even have taken a number of wives. One of many causes for this can be the truth that at the moment the tradition of India, whether or not Muslim or Hindu, believed within the idea of polygamy. No different earthly purpose could be considered for gurus to have multiple spouse, which Nanak had expressly forbidden.

Coming to Sati’s follow, the story is analogous. Guru Nanak abhorred Sati and he preached in opposition to it vehemently. But when the Sikh Empire was established, this practice was widespread. It was not till the British annexed Punjab that this practice was utterly banned. The prevalence of this practice of the spouse being burned on the stake of her useless husband is disputed by nobody. It’s unhappy that Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s queens had been all forcibly burned on the stake of Ranjit Singh. It’s a black act and deserves everybody’s condemnation, however most Sikh students preserve a wierd silence. Just one queen was spared this dastardly finish on the stake, Rani Jindan – as she was pregnant. The Sikh faith thus fell into the evil grip of Hindu thought. What Nanak had wished for was undone. The caste system additionally got here into being and by and huge Nanak’s beliefs ceased to exist. Can anybody condone these acts?

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