Snag an Ember cup for sale before autumn climate hits

Snag an Ember cup for sale before autumn climate hits

Snag an Ember cup for sale before autumn weather hits

Save $49.96: The stainless Ember Mug 2(opens up in a unique loss) is for sale at the best purchase just for $99.99 — a 33% rebate on its initial $149.95 cost. This self-heating mug rarely goes for sale, and will also be back as much as its top dollar by the next day.

We have that the very last thing a lot of people desire to be contemplating in the exact middle of August is a cup packed with a hot drink, but notice us away: Off-season shopping may be an effective way for saving cash.

Case in point: The Ember Mug 2, a self-heating cup that is not for sale all of that often, is almost $50 off and just $99.99(opens up in a unique loss) at the best purchase as a deal associated with the time. Therefore whilst it is almost certainly not time to change from iced to hot coffee at this time, you’ll want to work today if you should be interested, since these cost savings is going to be gone come tomorrow — and we also do indicate gone. During the time of writing, this cup is totally out of stock on Amazon, and just offered by a high price just about every-where else.


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We’ve considered this Ember the best of the finest with regards to self-heating mugs, as well as for valid reason — it keeps your beverage heated uniformly at your selected heat from 120°F to 145°F without a hitch, due to the battery pack integrated to your cup. Which could look like the standard for self-heating mugs or heated coasters, but attaining that task and avoiding a burned coffee flavor is not simple. Somehow, the Ember cup may do both.

The application tends to make your selected temp extremely customizable, also, permitting you adjust level by level within its range. From the charger, the heat will hold for just one . 5 hours. While your cup is within usage, you cannot use the charging coaster to juice its battery pack straight back up, however it could keep battery pack life from going any reduced, along with your drink cozy.

This cup does just hold 10 ounces of liquid though, so that you probably won’t need significantly more than an hour a half in order to complete your early morning coffee.

It’s a little bit of a splurge purchase, nevertheless the stainless steel appears fancy, this cup carries out because it states it’ll, as well as for people that home based or chronically pour coffee simply to do 15 various other jobs before really using a sip, the Ember Mug is a casino game changer. Take a visit whilst it’s for sale for Aug.15 just at the best purchase.

stainless steel ember mug filled with coffee and on its charging coaster

Credit: Ember

Ember Mug 2
(opens up in a unique loss)

$99.99 at the best Buy (save $49.96)

(opens up in a unique loss)

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