Stiff from sitting? Strive These Standing Leg Stretches

Stiff from sitting? Strive These Standing Leg Stretches

Stiff from sitting? Strive These Standing Leg Stretches

For individuals who battle with weight problems or morbid weight problems, the sedentary nature of our jobs works towards us as a result of we spend nearly all of our working day sitting, which permits our basal metabolic price to decelerate. Not solely that, however our joints turn into stiff and muscle tissues weaken from lack of use. It’s troublesome to find out which got here first: weight problems or the sedentary work surroundings. Utilized physiology consultants report that many people do not stretch the big muscle tissues in our legs typically sufficient to counter the day by day stress of extended sitting or standing. I occur to be a kind of individuals.

Taking the time to stretch our main muscle teams throughout the day is one thing we are able to consciously do to fight the deterioration attributable to sitting. Doing the next 4 stretches a couple of times throughout the day will assist us turn into extra versatile, introduce extra oxygen into the bloodstream, making us extra alert, and relieve the discomfort of stiff muscle tissues and joints ensuing from sitting. extended.

These widespread leg stretches are referenced in Joan Pagano’s e book “Energy Coaching for Ladies.” She asks us to push every stretch till we really feel a slight pull, however no ache, within the muscle. Maintain the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds with out bouncing, permitting the muscle to elongate. Breathe into the stretch, utilizing the exhale to maneuver deeper into the place.

Calf stretch

Stand together with your toes collectively and place your left hand on the again of a chair for help. Take a large step again with the fitting leg and press the heel into the bottom. Bend your left knee over your ankle. Really feel the stretch in the back of the calf.

Stretching the hip flexors

From the earlier place, step onto the toes of your again foot, bend your again knee towards the ground, and press your decrease pelvis ahead. Maintain the left knee immediately above the ankle. Really feel the stretch within the entrance of the fitting hip.

Quadruple stretch

Stand in your left leg with the knee versatile. Bend the fitting leg and, holding the foot or ankle, deliver the heel to the buttocks. Really feel the stretch alongside the entrance of the thigh. To accentuate the stretch, push the decrease pelvis ahead.

Hamstring stretch

Stand in your left leg, knee bent. Lengthen your proper leg ahead and relaxation your heel on the ground; with the toe pointing in direction of the ceiling. Lean ahead from the hip, preserving your higher physique in good alignment. Really feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Flip round to carry out the stretching sequence on the left leg.

For those who have interaction in a strolling program at lunchtime, these stretches are warm-up to your noon stroll. Heat-up workouts put together your physique for extra lively train and assist stop damage. You may as well observe your strolling with these stretches as a cool-down to permit your physique to return to a pre-exercise state. Heat-up and cool-down workouts are necessary to train program.

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