Thai water

Thai water

Thai water

Thai tradition, Thai customized and Thai custom.

What’s wai?

“Wai” is a type of Thai tradition that represents numerous facets of the Thai honor system. For instance, it exhibits Thai politeness, respect, honor and friendship. The Thais wai when welcoming or leaving. With a wai, Thais often say “sawasdee”, which suggests “good day” in English. The custom has been handed right down to the present technology for the reason that Sukhotai interval, round 1238 AD). Wai may also be used to specific apology or gratitude. For these functions, a wais particular person often says “khor-thod” or “khob-khun”, respectively.

The way to wait

1. Assemble the palms. In response to Buddhism, Thais name the scene “pra-nom-moule” or “unchalee”. Carry your palms collectively, straighten and press your fingertips collectively. Increase your palms in the direction of your chest and preserve your elbows near your physique. When speaking to the clergymen and the royal household, the “pra-nom-moule” Thais are at all times current. Leaving these respectful folks, the youthful ones often “get rid” of them.

2. Bow your head. This type is named “wan-ta”. When doing so, Thais decrease their heads and lift their palms till the index finger touches their mouth or nostril, relying on who they’re ready for.


There are lots of kinds of Thai wai, relying on the social standing, energy, age, and status of an individual or folks receiving the wai. There are three main teams of upper standing folks in conventional Thai society.

1. Monks/clergymen/royal household

To greet folks on this class, bow your head and lift your arms till the thumbs contact the brow.

2. Lecturers/mother and father

As a substitute of getting the thumbs touching the brow, tilt the pinnacle barely till the index fingers contact the nostril. That is just like a tradition wherein folks increase their index fingers to the touch their noses when paying homage to folks and contact their mouths when paying homage to the trainer.

3. Bizarre folks/older acquaintances.

To greet somebody who’s older, merely increase the palms pressed in the direction of the lips/mouth.

For all three varieties, preserve your arms and elbows near your physique.

Have you learnt?

An important factor when ready for somebody is that the decision ought to wait wholeheartedly. In different phrases, the waier should sincerely honor the waied or wai receiver, each mentally and bodily.

The way to return/obtain the wai?

If somebody offers the opposite a wai, it often implies that they’re paying homage to them. To return his manners, the wai receiver often responds. That’s, the wai receiver does the identical with the waier (i.e. places his palms collectively in entrance of his chest), however he doesn’t decrease his head.

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