The Golden Spiral of Consciousness – Religious Inspiration and Enlightenment by Artwork and Science

The Golden Spiral of Consciousness – Religious Inspiration and Enlightenment by Artwork and Science

The Golden Spiral of Consciousness – Religious Inspiration and Enlightenment by Artwork and Science

Flower of Life and Religious Transcendence    

The golden ratio or the spiral is a singular relationship present within the universe between the entire and the half and has been current in our consciousness for greater than 4000 years. From the golden ratio rises the golden spiral, the acquainted spiral form of which is discovered in all places in nature, resembling within the construction of our DNA and fingerprints, sunflowers and seashells, clouds of thunderstorm and tornadoes. Even a star cluster nebula just like the Milky Manner. The golden spiral, additionally referred to as the flower of life, is a swirling sample that types from a rectangle that has the golden ratio. Which means when this rectangle is squared it leaves a smaller rectangle behind, and this smaller rectangle additionally has the identical golden ratio as the unique and when it’s squared it additionally leaves a smaller rectangle behind and this continues till the shapes develop into so small which you can’t see them anymore. In different phrases, it lasts without end.

Whenever you join a curve by the alternative corners of those concentric rectangles, you type the golden spiral, and the truth that it seems in lots of progress patterns of vegetation, animals, and even complete galaxies, makes us marvel if this distinctive type shouldn’t be the mannequin of life. The ideas of the Golden Spiral are additionally discovered within the design of buildings and structure, in addition to in artwork and literature. Golden proportions are discovered within the music and even within the gentle. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese language all depict the golden ratio of their paintings. The Egyptians had been most likely the primary to mix arithmetic with artwork within the design of their pyramids. Pythagoras found the golden proportions of the human physique and this was depicted by artists all through Greek artwork historical past. Leonardo Da Vinci discovered inspiration within the arithmetic of artwork and nature and is sort of sure he painted to adapt to the golden ratio – particularly the proportions set out within the Mona Lisa.

Literature can depend on the golden ratio within the construction of phrases, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and pictures. Simply as we see the existence of the spiral in our fingerprints and galaxies and within the creation of pyramids and work, the golden ratio additionally seems contained in the pages of a ebook, together with the design of the duvet, and it may be extremely spectacular to the reader. This sample of nature may be seen inside many artwork types and has a universally stimulating impact on the thoughts. Enlightenment may be a part of this sample – a communication that connects consciousness by the language of the Universe.

See the soul as a bridge between your spirit and the intangible essence of your spirit, gently guiding your spirit by a doorway of transcendence to the next airplane of consciousness. By bringing the flower of life to phrases and pictures, it may lead your consciousness to a realization larger than itself. The golden spiral can lead you to soul awakening. The flower of life transcends from the physico-mathematical type by which it’s extra generally identified (sacred geometry), right into a religious equal which we name unconditional love. This little flower of life is reworked right into a mannequin of affection. Fact seekers, poets and prophets educate that love is on the middle of all issues. When your soul connects consciousness to the golden spiral, you develop into love. Love is the infinite mannequin of the universe. And also you too.

Our world should endure an unbelievable transformation. We have to heal our drained feelings and our bodies. We must always sincerely join with spirit and love – the intrinsic nature of every little thing.

Most cultures all through historical past, from the Aztecs to the Celtics, have documented a major correlation with bodily health and spirituality, clearly expressed by their artwork and sacred geometry, such because the mandala; these stunning, fascinating patterns carry ritual and religious significance. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung recognized with the mandala by saying that it was a illustration of the unconscious self and believed that these patterns had been a method to obtain persona integrity. The invention of the Mandelbrot Set, named after Benoit Mandelbrot, is a group of numbers that type fractals.

They’re objects that show self-similarity at completely different scales, and so we will journey into the wondrous world of fractal geometry, slipping by repeating patterns of countless self-similarity ensuing from mere definition. Quantum physicists present us that the substance of our actuality is formed, if not created, by our personal consciousness. The previous and new worlds of thought now come collectively as science welcomes spirituality right into a uniform subject of thought. The Universe speaks to us and we should hear.

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