The Mayan Rabbit Scribe

The Mayan Rabbit Scribe

The Mayan Rabbit Scribe

I first heard of the Maya Rabbit Scribe in 2000 when my husband and I traveled to Guatemala to discover the ruins of Tikal. I had visited a number of totally different websites previously, together with Chichen-Itza, Tulum, and Coba, as I’ve been fascinated with Mayan tradition since childhood. Maybe I even manifested these journeys to Mayan temples as a youngster by coloring the designs in a Mayan-Inca-Aztec coloring guide I purchased at a thrift retailer.

The quantity of knowledge you’ll find about Mayan tradition on-line or in your native library is nothing in comparison with the info and traditions you hear from native tour guides.

Whereas visiting Tikal, I discovered that the Maya had saved journals of their historical past and tradition, referred to as “codices”, most of which had been destroyed by order of a Spanish chaplain, Father Diego de Landa, throughout a big bonfire in a central Yucatan city referred to as Mani. . The chaplain believed that the books had been the work of the satan and prevented the Maya from changing into really civilized. On his order, anybody caught with a codex was summarily tortured and/or killed. Solely 4 codices (together with some partial ones) have survived.

For generations, because the stelae and different stone carvings of the Maya disintegrated, nobody might perceive what the carvings meant, and a complete tradition was about to be swamped by the tides of historical past till what some archaeologists uncover the mysteries of the glyphs.

I met some archaeologists who had come to Tikal to {photograph} artifacts and carvings. That they had devoted their lives to understanding the Mayan lifestyle. One, named Eleanor “Bunny” Coates, had been coming to Mayan websites for a few years. She instructed me in regards to the Rabbit Scribe.

I fell straight on this entity, as a result of I’m myself a author, and I do know what it’s wish to be the household documentarian. I understand how essential – albeit unrecognized – the author is in any movie or video manufacturing you’ll ever see. With out the author, nothing is written! With out the author, the reminiscence of an occasion or sequence of occasions loses element and shortly fades into obscurity.

The scribe rabbit first seems as a part of a scene on a painted Basic Maya vase (c. AD 300–900), which can have been used to serve a chocolate drink. Scribes carried out the essential activity of recording occasions essential to royalty utilizing phonetic-based hieroglyphic writing. These rabbit scribes appeared on murals and vases often writing on a fan-folding guide, or “codex”, coated in jaguar pores and skin. Writing was crucial to the Maya they usually recorded essential occasions on the whole lot – partitions, stairs, sculptures, ceramics, plates and stones.

Happily, Padre Diego de Landa’s plan to utterly destroy the written historical past of the Basic Maya tradition has been foiled by diligent archaeologists who’ve, over the previous a long time, been capable of decipher quite a few Maya glyphs. Dr. David Stuart of the College of Texas at Austin has performed a number one position in bringing to mild the importance and influence of Mayan tradition, and continues to make inroads along with his fascinating work.

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