The parable of prophetic medication

The parable of prophetic medication

Ibn Khaldun says in his introduction to the science of medication:

((And among the many branches of pure girls is the drugs business, and it’s an business that appears on the human physique when it comes to illness and well being, so its proprietor tries to protect well being and treatment illness with medicines and meals after it turns into clear in regards to the illness that pertains to every of the organs of the physique and the causes of these ailments that come up from it and what every illness has from medicines… And maybe they singled out a number of the members of the speech and made it a particular science, comparable to the attention and its causes and situations… And the imam of this career through which his books had been translated from the ancients is Galen… and his compositions in it are the moms that every one physicians after him emulated. Like Al-Razi, Al-Majusi, Ibn Sina, and likewise lots of the individuals of Andalusia, essentially the most well-known of whom is Ibn Zuhr.It’s for this period within the Islamic cities, as if it decreased as a result of cessation of urbanization and its decline, and it is likely one of the crafts that solely civilization and luxurious require, as we are going to clarify later…The desert among the many individuals of urbanization has a drugs that they construct normally in accordance with An expertise confined to some individuals inherited from the elders and elders of the neighborhood, and a few of it could be appropriate, however it’s not based mostly on a pure regulation or in accordance with the temper.The Arabs had a whole lot of this medication, and amongst them had been well-known medical doctors comparable to Al-Harith bin Kalda and others.

And the drugs transmitted within the legitimacy is like this, and it’s not from revelation in something, however it’s one thing that was regular for the Arabs. And he fell in mentioning the situations of the Prophet, might God’s prayers and peace be upon him, from the kind of mentioning his situations, that are often and innate, and never on the one hand that that is reliable in that means of labor.

For he, might God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was despatched to show us the legal guidelines, and he was not despatched to outline medication or different unusual issues. What occurred to him within the matter of pollinating palm timber occurred, and he mentioned: “You’re extra educated in regards to the affairs of your world.” Nothing of medication that occurred within the genuine hadiths transmitted shouldn’t be interpreted as reliable, as there isn’t any proof for it…)).

This textual content is taken into account one of many crucial texts. In it, Ibn Khaldun selected issues which can be nonetheless raised as much as this hour with the pervasiveness of the motion of political Islam and the final (awakening) accompanying their motion, comparable to his assertion that the sayings of the Messenger in medication usually are not from revelation, however moderately they’re inherited from the therapeutic habits prevalent in his time. And earlier than his period, it’s a social heritage that’s acknowledged and thought of amongst them. As for the drugs that Ibn Sina, Al-Razi and others practiced within the following durations within the third century and past, it’s thought-about from actual and trendy medication, as indicated by Ibn Khaldun, and Ibn Khaldun indicated on this textual content to the weak point of medication in The late durations are as a result of lack of curiosity, and that is an noticed truth. In instances when political Islam implements, it revives types of non-scientific therapeutic practices in an exaggerated method, so spells, amulets, magic and sorcery are devoted, and the jinn and zar periods are attended for therapeutic functions, and the actual therapy is uncared for. That is what occurs, and all of us bear in mind Sheikh Ali bin Musharraf Al-Omari, how individuals flocked to his door for therapy and the way he retracted these therapeutic practices and suggested his reviewers to evaluation psychiatric hospitals and others, and the way some sheikhs didn’t settle for this retreat from him and his directing to individuals to evaluation medication Psychological, particularly since this incident is through the interval of energy and affect of political Islam teams.

Fethiye is for a person who didn’t benefit from circumstances to be able to retailer cash behind exploiting individuals’s sick situations.

Relatively, he took benefit of his identify after that and his fame, and folks healers appeared who took benefit of the individuals’s want and claimed that they had been family of Ali bin Musharraf Al-Omari, and so they did the therapy and bought bottles of water and olive oil underneath the pretext that it brings therapeutic and wellness.

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