The silver medallion and the Ghao field

The silver medallion and the Ghao field

The silver medallion and the Ghao field

The aim of this text is to supply the reader with info on Ghao (Gau) containers (prayer containers) which are sometimes discovered within the type of a handcrafted silver medallion.

The place do Ghao containers come from?

Though utilized by many religions and denominations, Gau containers are believed to originate from the Buddhist or Hindu religion. Nonetheless, many individuals put on them at this time not for spiritual functions, however as a silver medallion purely for his or her aesthetic enchantment.

What are Ghao containers typically used for?

In spiritual circles, Ghao containers are used to assist the wearer focus their thoughts in prayer. That is performed by having a prayer written on a small piece of paper after which put and sealed contained in the prayer field. The Ghao field is typically additionally used to carry small spiritual objects.

Spiritual symbolism

Photos of vital spiritual lecturers or deities are sometimes made within the Ghao field, for instance, Buddha in Gau Buddhist containers. Necessary spiritual symbols are sometimes included into the Ghao field. In Buddhism, the image Om, or the Tibetan prayer wheel, is usually discovered on the prayer field.

Ghao containers as a non-religious silver medallion

Ghao containers are more and more worn by individuals who don’t have any specific spiritual beliefs and who use them as jewellery pendants. The prayer field is usually added to a necklace or bracelet and makes a sexy centerpiece for a lot of these jewellery.

Many non-religious customers of Ghao containers comprise inspirational quotes or poems of their prayer field. Others use them to carry pictures of family members that may be handed down from technology to technology and infrequently have nice sentimental worth to the recipient.

Many prayer containers have a gemstone form included into the design, a typical one being a turquoise gemstone. The gemstone has no particular spiritual significance however can add colour and wonder to the Ghao field. Usually somebody will buy a silver locket containing the gemstone related to the month of their beginning to personalize the prayer field.

Nonetheless, usually the prayer field will comprise no treasured stones and can merely be handcrafted as a plain silver locket inscribed with significant phrases or symbols.

What are Ghao containers often product of?

Ghao containers may be created from a variety of various supplies and may be present in a variety of costs. They’re mostly created from sterling silver, silver, gold, brass, copper, or light-weight supplies. Sterling silver is actually the commonest and as talked about above can usually embrace a gemstone equivalent to turquoise.

Prayer containers are typically thought of sacred by their wearers and due to this fact are usually created from a treasured metallic equivalent to silver (or typically gold).

Whether or not you’re in search of one thing to put on as a logo of your spiritual beliefs, a supply of inspiration, or only a lovely piece of bijou, a Ghao field could also be simply what you’re in search of.

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