Vedic Astrology and the 9 Planetary Deities

Vedic Astrology and the 9 Planetary Deities

Vedic Astrology and the 9 Planetary Deities

Via science, most of us have realized of the existence of planets, the huge bodily entities with earth within the cosmic sky. Based on knowledge akin to that of historic Greece and Hinduism, these planets are additionally impersonal forces the place the gods/goddesses are one with the character of our particular person lives on earth.

A person’s previous life karma or actions, a governing pressure of their future or future, are mentioned to coincide with the planetary configurations on the time of their delivery. “The planets are brokers of your karma – they create your success or failure” (Dr. Pillai, often known as Siva Baba.)

The Hindu astrological system often called “Jyotish” or Vedic Astrology is basically a research of planetary actions to information people to transcend its results (that are brought on by one’s personal previous life actions) into the current, to create a future higher.

Hindu astrology refers to those planetary forces because the ‘navagrahas’. “Nava” in Sanskrit means “9”. The Sanskrit time period, ‘Graha’ is used to point the magnetic or possessive nature which is how the cosmic forces of the planets exert their influences on human lives. Thus, the “navagrahas” are the planetary lords of Hindu astrology.

Because the 9 Planetary Lords are the macrocosm of our private lives, they’re revered and befriended to profit us on the trail of our non secular evolution on earth.

The connection established by astrology between the planets and human lives has not been accepted by the scientific subject. On this context, it ought to be famous that astrology irrefutably capabilities because the self-discipline it’s.

Additionally it is utilized for sensible functions akin to success or romantic relationships.

In Vedic astrology, the twelve (12) zodiac indicators or “rashis” are every mentioned to be dominated by planetary deities. Moreover, the opposite parts such because the twelve (12) Homes, or “bhavas” and the twenty-seven (27) lunar mansions, or “nakshatras” are additionally related to planetary dominion/lordship.

Navagrahas are worshiped together with the opposite supreme gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon – they embrace Ganesha, Maha Lakshmi, Shiva, Parvathi, Muruga, Hanuman and Vishnu.

It ought to be famous right here that though in Hinduism there’s point out of quite a lot of deities of varied types – together with planetary deities – they’re all derived from the one supreme Fact often called Brahman .

The 9 Planetary Deities worshiped as “navagrahas” are as follows:

– Surya – the Solar God,

– Chandra – the Moon God

– Anagaraka or Mangala – the god of Mars

– Buddha – the God Mercury

– Guru or Brihaspathy – the god Jupiter

– Sukra – the god Venus

– Sani or Sanischara – the god Saturn

– Rahu – the God of the North Node of the Moon (represented by the pinnacle of the Serpent)

– and Ketu – the God of the South Node of the Moon (represented by the tail of the Serpent).

Every of the Planetary Lords is attributed with sure meanings.

The Solar God is assigned to indicate primarily the soul. The Solar additionally represents the daddy. The Moon signifies the common and particular person spirit, the divine mom and the feelings. The Mars signifies warrior vitality. The God Mercury signifies speech, communication and intelligence. Jupiter means knowledge and abundance. Lord Venus means copy and sweetness. Lord Saturn means loss and studying karmic classes.

Worshiping Lord Rahu (North Node of the Moon) opens the door to a constructive future. “Ketu (south node of the moon) is called the ‘entry level’ of previous life karmas.” (ref:

Navagrahas in Hindu temples are often discovered with different chambers of supreme gods like Ganesha. These are 9 statues positioned in three rows. They characterize the 5 planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – in addition to the Solar, the Moon and the 2 nodes of the moon – Rahu and Ketu. Navagrahas are generally worshiped by devotees by strolling across the chamber 9 occasions.

In South India, there are additionally distinctive locations of worship devoted solely to one of many planetary deities. Any flaws discovered within the native’s astrological chart might be rectified by performing rituals particular to a number of of those temples. An astrologer is adept at recognizing particulars of planetary aberrations in a person’s horoscope and prescribing the mandatory cures (known as ‘parihaaram’ within the Tamil language).

Human beings are uniquely gifted as a species with free will. Utilizing astrological aids “an individual who makes use of it in alignment with divine objective can generate extra vitality than the strongest planet.” (ref.: “Methods to Follow Vedic Astrology”, e-book by Andrew Bloomfield) The influences of the planets, though actual, can solely be that. They “do not actually management us”.

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