‘Vettekkaran Pattu’ – A ritual manner of worship

‘Vettekkaran Pattu’ – A ritual manner of worship

‘Vettekkaran Pattu’ – A ritual manner of worship

Vettekkaran Pattu is a typical ritual manner of worship discovered amongst Hindus in components of Kerala, India. Right here the attention-grabbing factor is that the worshiped idol is a warrior, based on the story contained within the songs sung throughout varied worship rituals. It depicts the adventurous actions of a terrific tribal warrior, known as Vettekkaranlived within the forest zone, Nambumala kotta close to Gudallur (at present on the border of the states of Kerala and Karnataka in India), a very long time in the past. The forest was so thick and all types of untamed animals have been there. Naturally, the tribal individuals staying within the forest have been attacked and killed, fairly often, by these animals.

Vettekkaran organized the tribal individuals and fashioned a bunch of troopers to combat these enemies. These volunteer troopers have been often known as Elagirivilli chekavar. Underneath the management of Vettekkaran, they hunted and killed animals all through the forest space, overlaying nearly all areas of Wynad, Kurumbanad, and many others. He met with the kings and different chiefs of the area and held discussions to resolve the menace. Balussery was chosen by him as his headquarters and operated from there, offering safety for the individuals. In keeping with conventional songs, Vettekkaran traveled to a spot known as Thrikkalangode, close to Manjeri of present-day Malappuram district in Kerala and took a shower in a pond known as kuttankulam and worshiped the close by temple goddess Valliyankavu. After finishing these routine worship companies, he and his staff hunted animals in close by forests.

The harmless and ignorant tribe and others who lived on the sting of the forests seen Vettekkaran’s actions with reverence and regarded him as a hero. Even after his demise, they remembered him and wished for his presence at any time when they have been in bother. A number of kinds of choices got to this hero to consolation him in his day by day life. As time handed, the hero obtained the standing of God and the cult grew to become ritual.

Now Hindus no matter caste worship Vettakkaran not precisely as a hero, however as a Hindu god. Some mythological tales have grow to be linked with this and the deity is taken into account to be associated to Lord Shiva, or Lord Shiva himself. In mahabharata (the traditional literary work which describes intimately the battle for energy between two teams of cousins, Pandavas and Kauravas), Arjuna, the half-Pandava, needed to acquire essentially the most highly effective weapon (an arrow), pasupathastram, of Lord Shiva. He began doing tapas (meditation specializing in Shiva) for this goal, till Shiva seems in particular person earlier than him. Consequently, Shiva determined to seem earlier than him. However Shiva needed to check Arjuna’s sincerity and dignity to own such a strong weapon. So, Shiva and Parvathy appeared earlier than Arjuna dressed as hunters dwelling within the forest. After testing the sincerity of Arjunas, to their satisfaction, the weapon was offered with sure circumstances. The story goes {that a} son was born to Lord Shiva and Parvathy whereas they have been on this hunter outfit. This son is known as Vettakkoru makan (a son for searching), which is shortened to Vettekkaran.

In one other model of the story, Lord Shiva himself (in hunter’s garb) is seen as Vettekkaran. Shiva on this kind is known as Kirathan (Kiratha Moorthy).

Vettekkaran, who is taken into account each an area hero and a divine halo character, is put in and worshiped at each Balussery and Thrikkalangode. Right now, a number of individuals throughout the state of Kerala worship Vettekkaran as their household deity. The key providing to this deity is the Kalam Pattu (Kalam means a drawing of the idol on the bottom, utilizing powder of various colours, and Pattu means songs). Historically, members of a specific group known as Kurupu group have the fitting to attract the good sketch of the deity and conduct ritual worship by chanting the story of Vettekkaran. The Kalam Pattu is accompanied by breaking coconuts. As a particular supply, generally cracking twelve thousand coconuts is obtainable as a part of this Pattu.

On a barely raised stage (or on a degree platform), an oblong space shall be marked by pillars roughly six toes in top, hooked up to the 4 corners. These pillars shall be linked to one another by lengthy picket rods on all 4 sides, so {that a} rectangular form kinds above the platform. Lengthwise, three items of lengthy clothes shall be distributed above it as a roof, the central piece shall be black in shade whereas the opposite two shall be white. The laying of the central piece is completed ceremonially after a brief poo (worship the God) and ask permission from the particular person providing this Vettekkaran Pattu. That is finished within the morning, the day the operate is held. Earlier than midday one other small poo (known as midday pooja) shall be there for divinity. These poojas shall be held by a priest whereas members of the Kurupu group carry out songs praising the deity. (The tune shall be backed by background music utilizing Nanduni, an area stringed instrument typically used just for any such rituals). Occasional drumbeats can even be current, between renditions of devotional chants.

Within the afternoon, adorning and drawing Vettekkaran’s coloured sketch (known as Kalam varakkal The place Kalamital), contained in the rectangle, begin. 5 totally different coloured powders are used to make the diagram. The colours used are black, white, yellow, inexperienced and pink. Rice powder is taken as white rice husk, burnt for black, turmeric powder for yellow, inexperienced leaf powder for inexperienced, and combination of turmeric and calcium chloride for pink. The drawn diagram will look very stunning and can embrace all of the options of an actual hunter. Tender coconut leaves shall be suspended from the higher bars, across the rectangular construction, complemented by garlands of flowers.

On the high (close to the pinnacle of the diagram), on a stool, shall be positioned an idol of the Divinity garlanded with flowers. A small sword can also be saved with this. Adoration by the priest begins at sundown, after the opening Some (a mixed rhythmic presentation utilizing various kinds of drums, cymbals, a sort of flute, blowing horn, and many others.). Initially a cult is completed outdoors the home, a bit of away from the location, which is known as Mullakkal Pattu. After that, the sword is handed over to the Oracle (velicchappatu), the symbolic consultant of the Divinity dressed to befit the belief, by the priest. Then with particulars An Apple (a scientific and rhythmic rendering of all of the drums and different devices), the Deity and the Oracle are taken to the location the place the diagram is drawn and laid out for worship.

The priest is seated beneath (close to the toes of the deity) to conduct ritual worship. This worship takes a very long time, accompanied by devotional chanting by the Kurups and occasional drumbeats. As soon as the priest’s worship is over, the oracle seems and does a sort of dance across the diagram. This dance kind is known as Eedum koorum chavittal. On this dance, the oracle performs totally different steps based on the beat of the drum and the devotional songs. Once more, the priest does some worship. After that, the devotional songs of the Kurups proceed, considered one of them doing a particular worship, known as Kalam Poli. After that, the Oracle reappears and begins dancing to the devotional songs. Drum beats can even be there between songs. This time the Oracle enters the diagram to bop. Additional, he sits on a stool and strikes the stool, pushing along with his legs, subsequent to the diagram of the Divinity (known as the peetom nirakkal– push the stool sitting on it). Due to this, naturally, the diagram is nearly destroyed. After that, the Oracle comes out and begins cracking the coconut.

Sometimes, 1000’s or extra of coconuts shall be there as an providing to be thrown away. However generally, as a particular case, the choices will encompass breaking twelve thousand coconuts. The Oracle has to throw and break all these nuts sitting in the identical place and throwing repeatedly with out interruption. It may final three hours (relying on the expertise and the well being of the particular person, the time might be longer or shorter). Rhythmic drumbeats, accompanied by cymbals, shall be there within the background. The oracle often sits on coconuts taken from the swath of twelve thousand nuts saved behind him. The story behind this coconut break is that the deity’s thirst after the hunt is cured by giving coconut water. One other model is that he pours chilly coconut water on the deity to remove his anger.

After the coconuts are damaged, the Oracle returns to the place of worship and dances some extra, and distributes small packets of betel to the one that provided this pattu Vettekkaran, in addition to others. After the dance, the oracle sits on the stool, whereas the Kurups start to sing devotional songs. After finishing this, the oracle fully removes the diagram utilizing the tender coconut leaves out there there. The powder combination collected from the bottom shall be provided to all these current as prasadam (stays of choices to the deity). This powder is caught by devotees on their foreheads. Some use it as medication for sure illnesses.

The sort of Vettekkaran pattu is carried out in chosen temples in addition to homes, with Vettekkaran because the household deity, in several components of Kerala. To make the operate extra colourful and enticing, further objects resembling Thayampaka (a particular rhythmic drumbeat accompanied by cymbals), Pancha Vadyam (one other mixture of 5 totally different percussion and blowing devices), and many others. Former members of a specific household known as Karor Panikkar had the fitting to grow to be the Oracle of Vettekkaran Pattu. Later, when this household died out, some Nambudiri (Kerala Brahmins) assumed this position. Now, a couple of Nambudiri households attend these rituals.

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