“Watch out for consuming it even for those who die of starvation.” The Ministry of Well being warns towards consuming 7 well-known varieties of fish. A lethal poison.

“Watch out for consuming it even for those who die of starvation.” The Ministry of Well being warns towards consuming 7 well-known varieties of fish. A lethal poison.

There’s a warning from the Directorate of Veterinary Medication in Cairo Governorate, that there are various varieties of toxic fish which might be prohibited within the markets, in addition to an enchantment to residents to watch out to not purchase these fish whereas they’re circulating within the Egyptian markets, and their toxins are very harmful and should result in loss of life, along with not The meat of the fish is required to be spoiled, as these fish include poisonous substances, and that is the results of consuming toxic herbs and algae.

The names of these fish and its description

1. Lending fish: or the so-called rabbit fish, and it lives in salty waters, and additionally it is a toxic and harmful fish, because it inflates itself, and that is when it senses hazard in preparation for the assault, {and professional} fishing is aware of its form in addition to its composition, in addition to feeding on algae and fish muscle mass, and that Its pores and skin is grey in shade with dots, along with the presence of poisons within the pores and skin, gills, and liver. It additionally incorporates toxic glands in three locations in its physique, underneath the pores and skin, close to the viscera, and in addition subsequent to the marrow.

2. Scorpion fish: It’s a marine fish, as it’s small in dimension, and it resembles a scorpion, in addition to it has a fantastic capability to vary its shade so as to have the ability to dwell within the place the place it lives, and it could actually bury itself in mud or sand, along with that it incorporates 13 dorsal spines Toxic quick and thick, the toxic longings on the dorsal fin and the poison is present in poisonous glands kidney-shaped.

3. The “river” cat fish: It is without doubt one of the fish that lives within the Nile River, banks and canals. It additionally causes an electrical shock to stun small fish. Its physique is cylindrical and gentle. Its mouth has two fleshy lips with three pairs, small enamel, and two small eyes. The pores and skin is easy and is pale pinkish white with massive black spots. It doesn’t have a dorsal fin and the caudal fin is massive.

4. The balloon fish: “the killer fish.” Additionally, inside these fish is a substance referred to as Tetrodotoxin, which incorporates sufficient poison to kill 30 individuals, and this poison is the second most harmful poison for vertebrates on the earth.

5. The ocean rooster fish, or the so-called sea lion, or the butterfly fish, and these fish are discovered within the Purple Sea in abundance close to the coral reefs. They’re additionally thought-about among the many stunning fish. As well as, it incorporates 18 toxic stomas with poisonous glands.

6. The cow fish: Additionally it is referred to as the two-horned fish, and in addition the shy fish. It has two lengthy horns, and it makes use of them to guard itself from numbers, and the meat of those fish is toxic.

7. Salama fish: It’s a small fish, its dimension reaches 14 cm. Additionally it is discovered within the White Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. These fish include poison beneath a gaggle of thorns in my again, and so they additionally feed on small fish and shrimp.

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