What occurs to your physique once you eat dried figs on an empty abdomen! • Al Marsad newspaper

What occurs to your physique once you eat dried figs on an empty abdomen! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Some persons are eager to eat dried figs on an empty abdomen, due to their superb well being advantages.

1. Keep bone well being: consuming dried figs reduces the issue of osteoporosis; As a result of it comprises minerals helpful for bones equivalent to: calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous.

2. Helps cut back weight: Consuming figs helps to extend the sensation of satiety, and dried figs are characterised by their sweetness with out including any form of sugar, making it a wholesome possibility and fewer energy than sweets and processed sugars.

3. Get wholesome hair and engaging pores and skin: Dried figs include antioxidants, which in flip cut back the looks of indicators of getting old, and dried figs include pure antimicrobials that shield in opposition to microbial infections that have an effect on the well being of the pores and skin, based on “Internet Medication” “.

4. Figs are a pure resistance to diabetes: Though dried figs include a reasonable quantity of sugar, it helps to withstand diabetes, as a result of presence of many compounds in it that cut back excessive blood sugar, an important of that are vitamin E, tannins along with fiber.

5. Enhance digestion: Dried figs are very wealthy in fiber, which facilitates bowel motion naturally. Which makes it a pure treatment for the issue of constipation and hemorrhoids.

6. Keep coronary heart well being: The antioxidants in dried figs assist cut back coronary heart illness, and the fiber in it additionally helps cut back ldl cholesterol within the blood.

7. Safety of nerves and muscle groups: Dried figs include potassium, which helps the nerves to hold out their capabilities and contributes to the method of muscle contraction.

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