What’s the “best” glass of water… and what are its advantages earlier than breakfast?

What’s the “best” glass of water… and what are its advantages earlier than breakfast?

Many individuals choose to drink a glass of water earlier than breakfast, as a result of it has many advantages. However have you ever requested your self what are the specs of that cup of water? A Russian nutritionist revealed how the “best” glass of water ought to be and its advantages earlier than breakfast.


And Dr. Daria Rusakova says, in keeping with what was reported by the Russian media: “As a way to launch the work of the physique’s techniques within the morning, you should drink a cup of filtered or spring water, not faucet water, which comprises many impurities. Boiled water can also be not appropriate, as a result of “Warmth remedy of water results in structural adjustments that lose its useful properties. Mineral water will not be the very best different as a result of it comprises a excessive proportion of gases.”

And the Russian nutritionist stresses that the temperature of the water that we drink on an empty abdomen ought to vary between 22 and 25 levels Celsius.

What’s the “best” glass of water… and what are its advantages earlier than breakfast?


She says, “Chilly and ice water is uncomfortable for the digestive system. As a result of the temperature within the abdomen is 37 levels Celsius and within the intestines 38 levels Celsius. Subsequently, chilly water irritates the mucous membrane of the abdomen and intestines, blood vessels contract, and the metabolism slows down, and with this matter the issues that individuals endure from are exacerbated.” Together with the particular person within the digestive system, resembling heartburn, bloating and constipation.

She provides that it’s best to drink water whereas sitting and in small sips, not in a single gulp. Its amount mustn’t exceed 450 milliliters, after which eat breakfast inside a most interval of half an hour.

She factors out that there are some exceptions to the advantages of including lemon juice, ginger or honey to the water.

“Water with lemon can solely be drunk within the absence of acidity, heartburn and citrus allergy,” she says. As for water with ginger, it helps take away edema (swelling attributable to extra fluid trapped in your physique tissues) and has a slight antibacterial impact. “However it’s not beneficial to take it in case of respiratory illnesses and excessive physique temperature. It’s because ginger raises physique temperature and blood stress. As for water with honey, it’s really water with sugar, so it will probably trigger heartburn and bloating within the morning, in addition to weight acquire.” .

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