Yoruba philosophy

Yoruba philosophy

Yoruba philosophy

The Yoruba individuals settled in Ile-Ife 1000’s of years in the past beneath the management of Oduduwa.

Understanding Yoruba Philosophy

The compound “Yoruba philosophy” represents the general philosophical doctrine of the Yoruba individuals, on issues of logic, ethics, epistemology or metaphysics.

The Yoruba have an ethical philosophy, primarily based on faith, which embraces the precept of upper unity.

For the Yoruba individuals, “Ori” actually means “head” in English, occupies the middle of the sacred and holds the future of the physique, with all different elements of the physique being answerable for it.

Yoruba philosophy considers the universe to be composed of two everlasting realities: Ori and Emi-

For the Yoruba, Ori means head, concept, cause, mind, braveness, will, cause, thoughts, spirit or temperament.

-Emi means breath, life, ghost, soul or acutely aware self.

Yoruba philosophy views the universe as consisting of two everlasting realities.

The Yorubas

The Yoruba individuals settled in Ile-Ife 1000’s of years in the past beneath the management of Oduduwa, organized and networked in associated compounds. As a consequence of their tendency to type giant teams, compounds grew into empires.

The traditional Yoruba, those that first tried to grasp the world weren’t simply “knowledge lovers”, They gave us the classes of philosophy, Ethics: philosophy of understanding good or evil – ” Iwa” – (character). they noticed the universe from the earliest days. They consider in respecting the rights of others and introducing them into all spheres of life.

They studied spirituality within the universe and the aim of the bodily world. They targeted their consideration on the standard of nature, making a historic context for the cultural follow of the Yoruba individuals; constructed on the discoveries of the data of civilization.


An instance of an ethical thinker is Oranyan-Oranmiyan, a direct descendant of Oduduwa who launched the Ifa system into the unifying philosophy of Yoruba tradition. Ifa is a system the place concepts, data and knowledge have been recorded. Oranmiyan dominated three totally different empires throughout his lifetime.

There are data of nice actions within the manufacturing of arts which reached their peak of creative expression within the 4th century BC. The follow of wonderful artwork within the historical Yoruba kingdoms was not restricted to the skilled artist, but in addition as a way of self-definition.

Ifa is taken into account the oldest and most historical Yoruba philosophical system, inhabited by a world of poetry, very wealthy in proverbs. Ifa is the compendium of historical Yoruba tradition.

Yoruba Philosophy – Mild

The Ifa divination system answered philosophical questions in regards to the universe, which is taken into account conventional Yoruba non secular data, selling unity consciousness and the mutual interrelation of all issues. writing was a software within the Ifa system and takes about ten years to completely examine Ifa.

The primary Yoruba science derived from Ifa.

Once we come to Ifa, it looks as if we’re in one other world. There are tales of gods which might be repulsive, it’s as a result of they belong to folklore and are actual

The primary Yoruba science derived from Ifa. Ifa is helpful for observational astronomy functions.

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