You’ll not consider what is going to occur to your physique whenever you eat figs day by day! • Observatory Newspaper

You’ll not consider what is going to occur to your physique whenever you eat figs day by day! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Figs are among the many fruits wealthy in potassium, because it is likely one of the vitamins whose imbalance in ranges could trigger hypertension.

And about the advantages of black figs:

1. Combating Alzheimer’s illness: One of many potential advantages of figs is that it might assist battle some neurodegenerative illnesses, as figs comprise substances which will assist battle infections which will seem with age.

One research confirmed that figs comprise pure antioxidant compounds which will have a constructive impact on reminiscence and resistance to Alzheimer’s illness, however research on this regard are nonetheless of their infancy, so it’s too early to undertake figs as a recipe for Alzheimer’s resistance.

2. Lowering blood strain ranges: Consuming figs could assist rebalance potassium ranges within the physique. Figs comprise quantity of dietary fiber which will assist stimulate the physique to do away with extra quantities of sodium, which can assist enhance blood strain ranges.

3. Enhancing hair and pores and skin well being: Fig fruits and a few compounds extracted from totally different elements of the fig tree could have many potential advantages for hair and pores and skin, as follows: The latex extracted from the black fig tree could assist deal with pores and skin warts. Consuming black fig fruits could assist preserve wholesome hair, as figs are wealthy in iron, and iron is likely one of the vital vitamins for hair, and black figs could assist resist many pores and skin illnesses, similar to: psoriasis and eczema, based on “Internet Medication”.

4. Strengthening the bones and decreasing their probabilities of growing some illnesses similar to osteoporosis, and stimulating the expansion of wholesome bone tissue when affected by any fractures or bone accidents.5. Regulating blood sugar ranges, and among the many advantages of black figs and figs usually is that it might assist regulate blood sugar ranges, and it’s doable to acquire this potential good thing about figs in a number of alternative ways, similar to:

Figs comprise a excessive proportion of dietary fiber, which can assist preserve them inside secure ranges, and the usage of fig leaves, as these leaves comprise substances which will assist cut back the dose of insulin that sufferers who take insulin medicines might have.

Figs could have many different potential advantages, similar to: resisting erectile dysfunction, relieving some digestive system issues and issues, similar to: constipation, hemorrhoids, and relieving signs which will accompany some illnesses and issues of the respiratory system, similar to: sore throat, cough, and sputum accumulation. .

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